Why Sneakers Are The Wardrobe Essential Of Our Generation

We think you need at least three pairs of shoes: something for work, something for play, and something for formal occasions. Red Wing Heritage boots are awesome, but so are Converse Hi-Top sneakers. Both have their strong points, and both are appropriate for different kinds of activities. For play, we recommend sneakers.

A Brief History of Sneakers

It goes without saying that men’s boots predated sneakers by a long time. Sneakers date back to the late 19th century when they were first called plimsoll shoes. They were intended to be light, airy, and casual. They were all the rage among vacationers who didn’t want to spend their time away from work wearing hard leather dress shoes or heavy work boots.

Plimsolls started to be referred to as ‘sneakers’ in the early 20th century after manufacturers introduced the rubber sole. Rubber soles made it nearly impossible to hear people walking in sneakers. Someone could sneak up behind you without you hearing the sound of their shoes making contact with the floor.

The rubber sole also introduced sneakers as athletic footwear. The first shoe ever designed for basketball was a Spalding sneaker in the early 1900s. Between World War I and World War II, athletics were seen as a way to show patriotism and prepare for military service. Sneakers took off at that point. In the postwar era of the late 1940s and 50s, sneakers came into their own as all-purpose footwear.

Sneakers in the 21st Century

We still associate sneakers today with athletics, which goes without saying. Indeed, Converse is just one of many sneaker manufacturers whose bread and butter are shoes made for different athletic pursuits. There are high-tops for basketball, ergonomic low-cut sneakers for runners, and everything in between.

We happen to love sneakers because they go with just about any outfit. Men can rock sneakers with almost anything. Wear them with jeans and a tee-shirt at work. Wear them when you’re playing golf or tennis. You can even wear sneakers with a casual suit. Just about the only thing they don’t work well with is a tuxedo, but we’d love to be proved wrong!

Converse hi-tops paired with skinny jeans and an untucked shirt is a tried-and-true classic. Throw in a long beard with fresh, hot coffee in an eco-friendly cup and you are killing it. Go for a pair of Converse Chuck 70 Low Tops on casual Friday. They are an excellent choice with boot cut jeans or pleated khakis, complemented by a solid tee-shirt and a casual sport jacket.

Sneakers in Your Closet

At the end of the day, you really need a good pair of men’s boots in Salt Lake City. But you can’t wear boots for every occasion. That’s why you need sneakers in your closet. You might be of the opinion that men don’t need dozens of different pairs of shoes. That’s probably true. But you do need at least three: boots, sneakers, and formal shoes.

As far as the sneakers are concerned, don’t skimp. Do not settle for anything less than a brand name you can trust. For our money, no brand is more worth your while than Converse. Check out our selection of men’s converse here!