How to Rock High Top Sneakers like a Pro

There is one thing we can say about our collection of shoes for men and women: The Stockist will never be accused of not being a fan of Converse high top sneakers. We love them. We are especially fond of Converse Chucks and their retro 70s styling. 

Converse high tops were all the rage in the 1970s and early 80s. Basketball players wouldn’t be caught in anything else, and your average consumer thought they were pretty cool too. We don’t know why they ever went out of style. Thankfully, some of us are keeping high tops alive.

If you are looking for suggestions for how you can rock a pair of high top sneakers like a pro, we are here to help. Check out our top tips for high top mastery:

Keep the Colors Neutral

High top sneakers are, by design, more subtle in their use of color. You are not going to find extremely bright colors from Converse or another brand. So don’t wash out the muted tones of your shoes by wearing extremely bright colors everywhere else. You don’t want your high tops to stand out, but you also don’t want them lost in a sea of color above the ankles.

Neutral Color High Top Sneakers

Show a Little Skin

A great way to make sure your high tops get the attention they deserve is to show a little skin above the ankles. Nothing drastic here, just a bit of the calf exposed. Some shorter slacks are good choice for women, as are knee-length dresses and longer skirts that fall mid-calf. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options here for the guys. Not to worry, though. You can cuff your jeans a little higher and let the sneakers speak for themselves.

Go for the Teen Look

If you are in your early 30s or older, you can rock high top sneakers like pro by going for the teen look. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans and, if you’re a guy, a tight T-shirt with a denim jacket. A little bit of 5 o’clock shadow reminds people that you really aren’t that young, you just feel that young.

Ladies, pairing high tops with a pair of cropped jeans and a flirtatious top is the way to go. Go light on the makeup and keep the hair simple and straightforward. High tops will perfectly accentuate the look without drawing too much attention.

High Top Sneakers for Teens

Go Full-On Athletic

Both men and women can rock high top sneakers by going full-on athletic. Wear your high tops with a good pair of sweatpants and either a sweatshirt, tank top, or tee. For the best effect, wear something light and neutral on the top with a dark, contrasting bottom. The idea is to direct the gaze gradually downward until your high tops get noticed.

5. The Perceived Big High Top No-No

Let’s close this post with something that used to be considered a big no-no for high top sneakers. Back in the day, wearing them with a full-length denim dress was considered a fashion faux pas. There were those that insisted it didn’t ‘work’. In fact, they said high top sneakers were inappropriate for any full-length skirt.

Well guess what, we say if you want to wear high tops with a full-length dress, go for it. Who’s to say what constitutes a fashion faux pas anyway? Make your own fashion; be that free spirit that doesn’t conform to conventions and norms.

Now you know how to rock high tops like a pro. If you’re looking for a new pair, stop by our Salt Lake City boutique and check out our full line of Converse Chucks.

What Will Drive Your Fashion Choices This Spring?

The groundhog has come and gone. With most of February now in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look toward the promise of spring. That means going through your wardrobe to see what you have on hand. For some of us, it also means planning a few shopping trips over the next several weeks.

What will drive your fashion choices this spring? When you visit your favorite boutiques, what will you be looking for? Fashion is a curious thing. It is based partly on the latest styles and trends and partly on individual preference. The beauty of fashion is that there is no right or wrong – despite what all the popular fashion websites and magazines might say.

A Cutting-Edge Vibe

Some of the fashionistas who visit our clothing store in Salt Lake City are looking for a cutting-edge vibe. Not only do they strive to stand out from the crowd, they also want to leave yesterday where it belongs. For them, it’s all about pushing the envelope by wearing styles very few others are embracing. If that sounds like you, go for it.

For our female customers, we suggest taking a look at our red Loup Simone Jeans. They are the latest addition to our high-waisted jean collection that does wonders for your backside. They will definitely get you noticed.

Gitman Vintage Summer Olympics $152.00

The guys might want to check out our shirt selection, we recommend the Gitman Vintage Summer Olympics sport shirt. It’s loud enough to get you noticed while simultaneously inviting a discussion on worldwide athletic competition. Do your shopping now and you will have your shirt well in advance for the Tokyo games.

Relaxed Comfort

If a cutting-edge vibe isn’t your thing, maybe your fashion choices are driven more by comfort than anything else. That’s great. We have no shortage of selections that invite you to sit back, relax, and live your life with no pressure. Men’s and women’s denim clothing is a great place to start.

As we wrote in a blog post last month, denim is a fabric that brings a lot to the table. Among its many great characteristics is its inherent comfort. Simply put, denim is easy to wear. It is comfortable enough to relax in and yet still looks good enough to wear out and about.

AGOLDE Toni Mid Rise: Swerve $71.00

Check out our complete selection of denim jeans for men and women. You will find jeans in a variety of styles and price points. It is all good, and it’s all totally relaxing and comfortable.

Trying Something New

Perhaps you are the kind of person who doesn’t have a particular fashion strategy in mind. Maybe you just want to try something new. Welcome aboard. Our fashion boutique in Salt Lake City is the perfect place for you to find something that catches your eye. We always have something new to show our customers.

A big part of shopping for fashion is the newness factor. We human beings are funny that way. We get tired of old things rather quickly. Then we move on to something new; something fresh and exciting. Your desire for something new is in keeping with the human experience.

If you are planning to do some shopping this spring, we invite you to stop by and talk to any one of our experienced sales associates. We can help you find something that is perfect for your sense of style and self. We carry all of your favorite luxury brands of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

Three choice tips for finding the perfect winter outerwear plus what’s new in store


For some people winter means a few months of bearing the cold until spring pops up again. For others winter means fashion. We fall in the latter category. Why shiver from November to March when you can clothe yourself warmly – and in style? Perhaps if you change your mindset, the winter won’t be a barren landscape. Instead it will open up into a winter wonderland where your closet becomes your sanctuary and the snow-laden streets become your runway.

If you’re anything like us you find it difficult to pick the jacket that’s just right for you. We don’t mean that somehow, somewhere right off the factory line there’s a jacket with your name emblazoned in bold across the breast pocket. What we mean is it takes a while to find a brand you like, to find a fit you like, all the while snagging one that’s en vogue, too.

This goes for both men and women. Ladies…guys struggle with this, too. They don’t want to be walking around with a jacket that’s too big, too small or even so last season. Really, it can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Focus on these three tips and you’ll be golden…and warm…and fashionable.

Quality matters


This is perhaps priority numero uno when buying a jacket. A lot of us have no doubt locked eyes with a coat we love from across the room but once you get up close you see that it will barely last a few washes, maybe barely a season.

A good marker for finding quality outerwear is both in brand and material. When in doubt, always remember that Helen and Brett and the rest of our helpful staff are in store to make sure you stay warm on top of looking good. Just ask us. Other than that, be sure to check the tags. See if cheap acrylics make up the bulk of materials. If they do, steer clear.

Save room for layering


You bought that sleek jacket as bespoke as possible but you can’t fit even a thin sweater underneath. What’s the point if you can’t layer in the middle of winter? Now you’re going to freeze your butt off in subzero temps because you couldn’t do without that ultra form-fitting jacket. Trust us, people will notice your uncontrollable shivering long before they notice your fashion sense.

There’s a way to be warm, comfortable and timeless. Make sure there’s some wiggle room not only in the torso but in the arms as well. Nothing is worse than having your layers twist and turn underneath your coat until once you get home and you’re nothing but a giant Chinese finger trap.



This last tip kind of completes the two we already outlined above. Give in to quality, save room for layers, and lastly make sure that the outerwear you buy is going to be warm enough – layers and all – right out the door.

Easier said than done seeing as how we’re not in thick of winter yet. But use your best judgment. Feel the fabric and feel the consistency, if you think you can brave the coldest of days in your hometown then you’re set. (Luckily we have outerwear that addresses all the above concerns plus is guaranteed to stay timeless and fashionable for years to come.)

Now to what’s new in store this season. We’re introducing Snow Peak outerwear to the shop, a Japanese lifestyle clothing line dating back to 1958. Interestingly enough, an accomplished mountaineer created the brand – so you know it’s good.

The brand’s primary aim is to “seek harmony between people and nature…to manufacture with such high quality standards that you’ll pass them on to the next generation like a great wrist watch.” Excited? We are! (In fact, get excited for spring already, too, because we’ll be doing a shop in shop with Snow Peak for the sole purpose of giving you a refreshing take on camping and the outdoor lifestyle.)


Next up we’ve got Nau where being better exists more than just in their outerwear, it’s their philosophy, too. They’re a brand bent on sustainability. They examine the environmental impact of every fabric they choose as well as everything that goes into the final product, often using recycled materials along the way. Not only that they make certain every last stitch will stand the test of time.

Sorry fellas, the Nau pieces we have in store this season are only for women. Don’t fret though. All our other great brands – in addition to Snow Peak – are still in shop. Come in to see what’s new in Penfield, Filson and Dark Seas.

And remember, stay warm out there, friends.