Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring?

Rising temperatures and longer days can only mean one thing: Spring is here. That is good news for a city that doesn’t appreciate having to spend too much time indoors. But before you make plans to get out and about, you might want to check your wardrobe. Is it ready for spring?

Spring is when the fashion world comes alive. It is the season when new styles are introduced; it is the season when runway fantasy finally translates into real world reality. Here at The Stockist, we look forward to spring every year. We have you covered this year with an excellent selection of men’s boots and jeans, women’s dresses and tops, and so much more.

Taking Stock of Your Clothing

Being a leading seller of boutique clothing in Salt Lake City, we get the fact that your closet only has so much available space. So we like to recommend that customers take stock of their clothing at least once a year. Spring is as good a time as any other. Maybe take an upcoming weekend to go through your closets and drawers to figure out just what you have.

Those items you rarely wear are good candidates for donation. Give someone else the opportunity to enjoy your gently used clothing. Then, after you have pared down a bit, you can visit our boutique to see all the latest styles and fashions.

RVCA Lemmon Dress $48.00

Ladies, spring weather is dress weather. We now have a lovely selection of spring dresses that wear as good as they look. Add a few to your wardrobe and you will be strolling around town in comfort and with confidence that you will be noticed.

Seasons Change Quickly in Fashion

By now you might be wondering why we’re talking about updating your wardrobe just days into spring. There is a very good reason for doing what we do: seasons change quickly in the fashion industry. Not only that, we have to stay a season ahead to make sure our customers have access to the clothing they want when the next season arrives.

We already have our spring fashions on the rack because we want you to have ample time to update your wardrobe. By the middle of spring though, we will already be featuring our summer wear. Again, you need time to update your wardrobe before the season actually arrives.

A good rule of thumb is to assume that we will always be a season ahead of the calendar. While you are enjoying the freshness of spring, we will be planning for summer. Your dog days of summer fun will be our fall days for fashion. It’s all good.

Make a Splash This Spring

Spring has finally arrived in Salt Lake City. Now it’s time to make a splash with some new spring clothing. You will find just what you’re looking for by visiting our local Salt Lake City boutique or shopping online. We have quality clothing and accessories for men, women, and children alike.

Gitman Vintage Gio Ponti Linen Blues $152.00

Men, we invite you to check out some of our classic oxfords for work and business. You might consider a Gitman Vintage shirt or two for spring and summer leisure. Round out your spring wardrobe with some Organic Traveler pants and a couple of pairs of Carhartt shorts.

For the ladies, spring is the season for a brand-new dress. We have great choices from Amused, Lacausa, and many more. Be sure to check out our blouses and tank tops as well. Pair them with some new denim jeans and you’ll be ready for anything this spring.

Yes, spring is here. Is your wardrobe ready?

What Will Drive Your Fashion Choices This Spring?

The groundhog has come and gone. With most of February now in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look toward the promise of spring. That means going through your wardrobe to see what you have on hand. For some of us, it also means planning a few shopping trips over the next several weeks.

What will drive your fashion choices this spring? When you visit your favorite boutiques, what will you be looking for? Fashion is a curious thing. It is based partly on the latest styles and trends and partly on individual preference. The beauty of fashion is that there is no right or wrong – despite what all the popular fashion websites and magazines might say.

A Cutting-Edge Vibe

Some of the fashionistas who visit our clothing store in Salt Lake City are looking for a cutting-edge vibe. Not only do they strive to stand out from the crowd, they also want to leave yesterday where it belongs. For them, it’s all about pushing the envelope by wearing styles very few others are embracing. If that sounds like you, go for it.

For our female customers, we suggest taking a look at our red Loup Simone Jeans. They are the latest addition to our high-waisted jean collection that does wonders for your backside. They will definitely get you noticed.

Gitman Vintage Summer Olympics $152.00

The guys might want to check out our shirt selection, we recommend the Gitman Vintage Summer Olympics sport shirt. It’s loud enough to get you noticed while simultaneously inviting a discussion on worldwide athletic competition. Do your shopping now and you will have your shirt well in advance for the Tokyo games.

Relaxed Comfort

If a cutting-edge vibe isn’t your thing, maybe your fashion choices are driven more by comfort than anything else. That’s great. We have no shortage of selections that invite you to sit back, relax, and live your life with no pressure. Men’s and women’s denim clothing is a great place to start.

As we wrote in a blog post last month, denim is a fabric that brings a lot to the table. Among its many great characteristics is its inherent comfort. Simply put, denim is easy to wear. It is comfortable enough to relax in and yet still looks good enough to wear out and about.

AGOLDE Toni Mid Rise: Swerve $71.00

Check out our complete selection of denim jeans for men and women. You will find jeans in a variety of styles and price points. It is all good, and it’s all totally relaxing and comfortable.

Trying Something New

Perhaps you are the kind of person who doesn’t have a particular fashion strategy in mind. Maybe you just want to try something new. Welcome aboard. Our fashion boutique in Salt Lake City is the perfect place for you to find something that catches your eye. We always have something new to show our customers.

A big part of shopping for fashion is the newness factor. We human beings are funny that way. We get tired of old things rather quickly. Then we move on to something new; something fresh and exciting. Your desire for something new is in keeping with the human experience.

If you are planning to do some shopping this spring, we invite you to stop by and talk to any one of our experienced sales associates. We can help you find something that is perfect for your sense of style and self. We carry all of your favorite luxury brands of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

3 Reasons Clothing Boutiques Are Holding Their Own

Many people have predicted that brick-and-mortar retail will start dying a slow death. Its days are supposedly numbered thanks to the power of online giants like Amazon. But wait. The prophets of doom were predicting the end of brick-and-mortar retail more than a decade ago. Yet here we are. The Stockist rolls on, as do so many other clothing boutiques.

Online retail is absolutely affecting brick-and-mortar sales. Yet retail clothing is surprisingly resilient. It seems less affected by online sales than other parts of the retail world. It turns out there are good reasons for this. Clothing sales are somewhat unique; they rely on the brick-and-mortar model for survival.

Here are three reasons why we believe clothing boutiques will stick around:

1. The Desire to Touch and Handle

People have an innate desire to touch and handle clothing before they buy. Even something as simple as a pair of denim jeans can be purchased with more confidence if you can hold them in your hand first. Perhaps this is because clothing is so personal and intimate. People would rather handle it in person than buy it sight unseen.

This isn’t the same for all industries, of course. Products that are standardized are much easier to buy online. For example, you can order a book on Amazon, and you’ll know what to expect. Clothing is different because there’s such a wide variety of fabrics, textures, colors, and styles.

2. Fitting is a Big Deal

Even more important than seeing and feeling the clothing is trying them on. This is where a brick-and-mortar boutique has an advantage. Buy that new pair of jeans online and you are going to have to trust that the size chart is accurate. What if the jeans don’t fit? Now you have to either return them or eat the loss.

Shopping at a brick-and-mortar boutique eliminates that risk. You try everything before you buy. Walk out the door with jeans in hand and you are assured they will fit when you get home. Size will not change in the car.

At least 30% of online purchases are returned, compared to only 8% of in-store purchases. It’s true that some online retailers make it as easy as possible to return clothes that don’t fit. Some even pay for shipping. But still, discovering that clothes bought online don’t fit is inconvenient. It takes time to deal with returns and order new items. It is time you can save by shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.

3. Shopping is Social

The third reason clothing boutiques like The Stockist continue to thrive is the reality that shopping is a social experience. People go shopping together because they want to spend time pursuing a common interest. When it comes to shopping for clothing, taking someone else along means having an extra set of eyes. It means having a sounding board for your fashion choices.

You simply cannot get that same social experience online. As a result, buying clothing online is purely a functional exercise. It certainly isn’t the same thing as taking a shopping trip with your closest friends.

Online retail has its place. In some cases, it is dominating brick-and-mortar retail. However, that is not the case for clothing. The American clothing boutique is holding its own because shopping for clothing is a unique experience, and The Stockist is here to stay.

Why Sneakers Are The Wardrobe Essential Of Our Generation

We think you need at least three pairs of shoes: something for work, something for play, and something for formal occasions. Red Wing Heritage boots are awesome, but so are Converse Hi-Top sneakers. Both have their strong points, and both are appropriate for different kinds of activities. For play, we recommend sneakers.

A Brief History of Sneakers

It goes without saying that men’s boots predated sneakers by a long time. Sneakers date back to the late 19th century when they were first called plimsoll shoes. They were intended to be light, airy, and casual. They were all the rage among vacationers who didn’t want to spend their time away from work wearing hard leather dress shoes or heavy work boots.

Plimsolls started to be referred to as ‘sneakers’ in the early 20th century after manufacturers introduced the rubber sole. Rubber soles made it nearly impossible to hear people walking in sneakers. Someone could sneak up behind you without you hearing the sound of their shoes making contact with the floor.

The rubber sole also introduced sneakers as athletic footwear. The first shoe ever designed for basketball was a Spalding sneaker in the early 1900s. Between World War I and World War II, athletics were seen as a way to show patriotism and prepare for military service. Sneakers took off at that point. In the postwar era of the late 1940s and 50s, sneakers came into their own as all-purpose footwear.

Sneakers in the 21st Century

We still associate sneakers today with athletics, which goes without saying. Indeed, Converse is just one of many sneaker manufacturers whose bread and butter are shoes made for different athletic pursuits. There are high-tops for basketball, ergonomic low-cut sneakers for runners, and everything in between.

We happen to love sneakers because they go with just about any outfit. Men can rock sneakers with almost anything. Wear them with jeans and a tee-shirt at work. Wear them when you’re playing golf or tennis. You can even wear sneakers with a casual suit. Just about the only thing they don’t work well with is a tuxedo, but we’d love to be proved wrong!

Converse hi-tops paired with skinny jeans and an untucked shirt is a tried-and-true classic. Throw in a long beard with fresh, hot coffee in an eco-friendly cup and you are killing it. Go for a pair of Converse Chuck 70 Low Tops on casual Friday. They are an excellent choice with boot cut jeans or pleated khakis, complemented by a solid tee-shirt and a casual sport jacket.

Sneakers in Your Closet

At the end of the day, you really need a good pair of men’s boots in Salt Lake City. But you can’t wear boots for every occasion. That’s why you need sneakers in your closet. You might be of the opinion that men don’t need dozens of different pairs of shoes. That’s probably true. But you do need at least three: boots, sneakers, and formal shoes.

As far as the sneakers are concerned, don’t skimp. Do not settle for anything less than a brand name you can trust. For our money, no brand is more worth your while than Converse. Check out our selection of men’s converse here!

5 Reasons Why We’re So Passionate About Denim

We’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers of men’s and women’s denim clothing in Salt Lake City. We absolutely love denim for both sexes. It’s even great for the kids. In fact, there may not be another material ever made that we appreciate as much as denim. You could say we’re denim crazy.

Our stock of men’s and women’s denim items focus mainly on pants, but don’t let that stop you from embracing this material in other ways. Feel free to dive into denim shirts, jackets, dresses, and hats. In the meantime, check out the following five reasons we are so passionate about denim:

1. Denim is Durable

If you set aside the fashion aspects of men’s and women’s denim clothing, denim is a material with incredibly high durability. There are few other materials as tough. Perhaps that’s why it was the material of choice when Nevada tailor Jacob Davis made the very first pair of reinforced blue jeans in the 1870s.

Some people mistakenly believe that denim is an American invention. It’s not; it actually hails from France. However, it wasn’t a popular material for work clothing until Americans started making blue jeans. Davis’ jeans were an instant hit with surveyors, rail workers, miners, and ranch hands because it was tougher than anything else they had previously seen. Nothing much has changed in the last 150 years.

2. Denim is Versatile

Another reason we love denim is that it’s so versatile in terms of fashion. A good pair of denim jeans is just what you need to dress down at the end of a long workday. Ditch the suit or dress and put on a pair of casual jeans with a loosely fitting top. You are ready for an evening at home or a casual dinner with friends.

Denim is also versatile enough to dress up. A pair of dress jeans can be the foundation for that perfect Friday night look. And yes, you can pair your denim jeans with a business jacket and blouse to fit in with the business casual craze.

3. Denim is Comfortable

Denim’s twill weaving creates a fabric that is quite comfortable. A brand-new pair of denim jeans may feel a bit rough to the touch, but a trip through the wash cycle changes that. You suddenly have a luxuriously soft fabric that feels as comfortable as your own skin. Simply put, denim is incredibly comfortable.

4. Denim Ages Well

Getting back to the fashion aspects of denim for just a minute, it is a material that ages very well. For example, denim does not hold its dye forever. As such, it fades over time. That is not a bad thing. A lot of people find faded denim even better looking than brand-new. And of course, fading is almost a badge of honor for well-worn jeans.

When denim is finally old enough to begin showing tears and holes, so what? A good pair of jeans looks even better with the right kind of wear in the right places, which is why pre-distressed denim clothing is so popular.

5. Denim is Classic

Last but not least, denim is classic. Denim in every form has withstood the test of time. It has remained constant even though hundreds of different fashion trends have come and gone over the years. For that reason alone, denim is our favorite.

Our dedication to denim is one of the reasons why The Stockist has become one of Utah’s top denim boutiques. Check out the newest men’s denim and women’s denim styles!

This season, say “forget you” to junk and focus on gifts that will last

Did you know smart phones are designed to be replaced every couple years or so? Think about it. They release new phone models every year with the hope that we as consumers will replace our old models with the new ones. This is a real thing and it’s called planned obsolescence. A policy of doing business where the design of the product has its obsolescence built in, meaning the product will be obsolete (not usable, neither in form nor function) before long. This principle pervades many companies in many industries, even fashion! Crazy, right?

Now we don’t want to bore you (or enrage you for that matter) with economic policies such as this. We simply want to open your eyes to the fact that this happens, and it happens a lot. At some point in your life you’ve come across a pair of cheaply made boots or purses that fell apart in a flash, no? Or maybe those same boots or purses even went out of style too quickly. That’s not by accident.

In an age where products in both fashion and technology are intentionally built to be replaced within a matter of years we at The Stockist have always aimed at securing the highest quality, long-lasting brands in our store. To stock brilliantly made products is an honor. In fact, that’s one of the tenets we were founded on.

Take Red Wing for example: they’re a proud and iconic brand that we carry in store. And they got that way by producing quality bootwear for over a hundred years. After you’ve worn your Red Wings every day for years on end, and after countless summer camping trips and myriad winter hiking excursions along the way you can rest easy knowing that even if your boots are starting to show a little wear and tear just send them off to Red Wing, Minnesota for careful restoration.

Then we’ve got Baggu, a fast-growing bag and accessory brand – based out of San Francisco and Brooklyn – known for its simple, timeless aesthetic. And believe it or not it all began with one bag back in 2007: a classic, clean nylon tote styled after a plain ol’ grocery bag.

What do they have now? They’ve got everything from leather purses, clutches and backpacks to ripstop nylon and canvas versions of the very same. Simple designs and quality construction ensures Baggu bags stand the test of time both in fashion and durability.

We’re in the thick of the holidays. We know it’s easy to get caught in the mindset of buying a gift just to buy a gift. But think about it for a minute first. If we purchase well-made, environmentally friendly products then that puts these kinds of products in higher demand. Simply put when you’re gifting this season, take your time, and get to know the brand you’re courting. Or in other words opt for a bag o’quality, not a bag o’junk.

Another brand you’ll want to know is Aesop, a company with a firm focus on skin, hair and body care. While products like these aren’t built to last, at least not in the same way as a pair of boots should, they still last. (C’mon, we’re talking balms and conditioners here; they have to run out someday.)

Still Aesop is a brand built on sustainability and the importance of self-care. More than that they listen to you. Many times over they’ve developed new products for skin, hair and body simply out of genuine response to their customer’s needs. In other words, they do their research people. What’s safe. What’s effective. What’s needed. These are all important objectives for them in the development of their complete body care line. If you throw an Aesop product in someone’s stocking they’ll know you really, really care about them.

Wow, does time have a tendency to creep up on us or what. It feels like we just barely laid out our 2016 summer collection but here we are talking about the holidays. Before we know it it’ll be spring. But that Baggu purse or those Red Wing boots you got your bae for the holidays will still be in tip-top shape. And your skin and hair and your dog’s fur (we sell Aesop wash for your animals, too) from those stocking stuffers you got will be marvelously lush for the oncoming warm.

There are plenty more brands in store that equal the caliber of the ones described above, too. Though it’s nearly impossible to sufficiently describe the greatness of all the wonderful brands we carry in one blog post. It’s honestly better to just come in and explore the shop yourself, to see the quality gifting possibilities right in front of your very eyes.

Oh and to put a little spring in your step this holiday season we’re putting on a festive party/pop-up trunk show this Saturday, December 17th. You’ll get 10% off throughout the store plus there will be delicious food to eat and tasty drinks to imbibe. So come mingle and celebrate. And remember that Helen, Brett and the rest of the team are always here to help you pick out a gift that will last.








Three choice tips for finding the perfect winter outerwear plus what’s new in store


For some people winter means a few months of bearing the cold until spring pops up again. For others winter means fashion. We fall in the latter category. Why shiver from November to March when you can clothe yourself warmly – and in style? Perhaps if you change your mindset, the winter won’t be a barren landscape. Instead it will open up into a winter wonderland where your closet becomes your sanctuary and the snow-laden streets become your runway.

If you’re anything like us you find it difficult to pick the jacket that’s just right for you. We don’t mean that somehow, somewhere right off the factory line there’s a jacket with your name emblazoned in bold across the breast pocket. What we mean is it takes a while to find a brand you like, to find a fit you like, all the while snagging one that’s en vogue, too.

This goes for both men and women. Ladies…guys struggle with this, too. They don’t want to be walking around with a jacket that’s too big, too small or even so last season. Really, it can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Focus on these three tips and you’ll be golden…and warm…and fashionable.

Quality matters


This is perhaps priority numero uno when buying a jacket. A lot of us have no doubt locked eyes with a coat we love from across the room but once you get up close you see that it will barely last a few washes, maybe barely a season.

A good marker for finding quality outerwear is both in brand and material. When in doubt, always remember that Helen and Brett and the rest of our helpful staff are in store to make sure you stay warm on top of looking good. Just ask us. Other than that, be sure to check the tags. See if cheap acrylics make up the bulk of materials. If they do, steer clear.

Save room for layering


You bought that sleek jacket as bespoke as possible but you can’t fit even a thin sweater underneath. What’s the point if you can’t layer in the middle of winter? Now you’re going to freeze your butt off in subzero temps because you couldn’t do without that ultra form-fitting jacket. Trust us, people will notice your uncontrollable shivering long before they notice your fashion sense.

There’s a way to be warm, comfortable and timeless. Make sure there’s some wiggle room not only in the torso but in the arms as well. Nothing is worse than having your layers twist and turn underneath your coat until once you get home and you’re nothing but a giant Chinese finger trap.



This last tip kind of completes the two we already outlined above. Give in to quality, save room for layers, and lastly make sure that the outerwear you buy is going to be warm enough – layers and all – right out the door.

Easier said than done seeing as how we’re not in thick of winter yet. But use your best judgment. Feel the fabric and feel the consistency, if you think you can brave the coldest of days in your hometown then you’re set. (Luckily we have outerwear that addresses all the above concerns plus is guaranteed to stay timeless and fashionable for years to come.)

Now to what’s new in store this season. We’re introducing Snow Peak outerwear to the shop, a Japanese lifestyle clothing line dating back to 1958. Interestingly enough, an accomplished mountaineer created the brand – so you know it’s good.

The brand’s primary aim is to “seek harmony between people and nature…to manufacture with such high quality standards that you’ll pass them on to the next generation like a great wrist watch.” Excited? We are! (In fact, get excited for spring already, too, because we’ll be doing a shop in shop with Snow Peak for the sole purpose of giving you a refreshing take on camping and the outdoor lifestyle.)


Next up we’ve got Nau where being better exists more than just in their outerwear, it’s their philosophy, too. They’re a brand bent on sustainability. They examine the environmental impact of every fabric they choose as well as everything that goes into the final product, often using recycled materials along the way. Not only that they make certain every last stitch will stand the test of time.

Sorry fellas, the Nau pieces we have in store this season are only for women. Don’t fret though. All our other great brands – in addition to Snow Peak – are still in shop. Come in to see what’s new in Penfield, Filson and Dark Seas.

And remember, stay warm out there, friends.







What time is it? It’s two-year celebration time at our new-ish shop location featuring a Nixon sale.


You’re rushing around trying to get ready for that important interview you really don’t want to mess up, or that super special night out on the town with your friends you haven’t seen in a while or even that holiday work party you’ve been looking forward to (yes, the holidays are right around the corner).

Before you head out the door you check yourself in the mirror. Everything appears to be looking good but something’s still amiss. What is it? What could you be forgetting from your seemingly immaculate outfit? Think. What’s the one accessory that could absolutely complete your look? Does your wrist seem a little bare? Ah-ha! A watch.

Setting aside its utilitarian nature, what a watch says, nay, shouts is I am fashionable! Forget all the tech companies shelling out their monochromatic smart watches. Snagging a watch that’s all your own is something that will never go out of style. It adds personalization to your character. It exemplifies your undying commitment to quality workmanship in your everyday wear. It shows your want to hold on to something real and tangible in this increasingly digital age.

You see timepieces are perennial, both in fashion and in history. Name a time in the last 500 years when watches weren’t worn for both form and function. You can’t, can you? If you find the right one it will last a lifetime. Beyond that, too – it can span generations if you’d like. You can pass it on to your kids and in turn they can pass it on to their kids.

Watches truly signify something that cell phones, tablets and computers never can, style and nostalgia. And let’s be honest, watches are not designed for planned obsolescence (look it up) as the technology of today often is – so you’re guaranteed tried-and-true craftsmanship that will last you for years to come.

Nixon tops the list when it comes to quality. They’ve been making custom watches since the late 90s with a supreme focus on style. In fact, the founders started the company after an unsuccessful attempt at finding a watch for themselves that accurately reflected their individual styles. So you can see that there’s a heavy bent on creating a master timepiece that doubles as a fashion statement – not to mention it’s designed for the active lifestyle in mind.


Flashback some years earlier to the 90s and you’ve got two young bucks – Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats (the founders of Nixon) – taking on an old industry in a new digital age. What provoked them to do so? They simply had a fascination with well-crafted watches. They left their comfortable jobs behind to take on an ostensibly insurmountable adventure. What they accomplished was amazing.

Starting out with the idea that they wanted a stylish and intimate yet affordable watch that stood the test of time (no pun intended) in regards to durability, they eventually created a humble empire. And the sole guiding principle? You guessed it, form and function. They wanted a watch that could suffer the ocean waves yet could still dance the night away hours later.

And the founders didn’t go it alone, either. They had the likes of pro-skater Tony Hawk, and pro-surfers Rob Machado and Lisa Andersen to help along the way. Because Nixon represents that active lifestyle, they wanted active individuals to guide their design.


One of their ambassadors, Olympic snowboarder Todd Richards, even said to them that a watch doesn’t need to do much except, “Tell time, look cool, and not break.” It seems like simple words, but when it comes down to it that’s what everyone wants in a watch. So Nixon took that sage advice and ran with it.

Today, Nixon is in over 70 countries and they’ve since long-established themselves as a lifestyle watch brand. It’s respectable that these two humble guys built this monster of a brand simply because they wanted a functional, niche, fashionable watch. They’re still a small business at heart always craving to be the best on-the-move watch designers. Simply put, there’s a whole lot that goes into making a watch and Nixon nails it.

In honor of The Stockist’s second year at our new-ish spot we’re holding a Nixon Trunk Sale Show this Friday, the 7th of October (that’s just crazy, it’s October already!). You’ll get access to tons of best-selling watches at an up-to-20% discount in our shop (some exclusions apply). Plus there will be complimentary champagne and of course, great vibes. So go ahead and check out the flyer below for more details then feel free to pass the word along to your friends and family. We’re excited to see you!


Red Wing boot history followed by a proud announcement you ladies will want to hear

Red Wing Women in Factory

When we think of iconic brands Red Wing definitely tops the list. That’s not boasting, either. We suspect the fine men and women of Red Wing feel the same way. They know the work they produce is iconic. How could it not be? We’re not saying they’re braggarts by any means. We’re just saying they make quality footwear. They should be proud of where they work and the boots they fashion. They’ve been doing it for over a hundred years after all. If that’s not tried and true, we don’t know what is.

Yep, Red Wing’s story is old. The company itself dates back to 1905. Charles H. Beckman, a local shoe merchant, created the Red Wing Shoe Company along with 14 other investors. A few years later they opened up their first plant. It was in an old brick building in a small southern Minnesota town called, you guessed it, Red Wing.

The first boots were handmade with little machinery used. The cutting room floor was riddled with thick bits of leather all hand cut. (We can’t even begin to imagine the hand cramps those first shoe craftspeople endured.) To this day you can bet that each pair of Red Wing boots is handcrafted and no two are alike.

Fitting room with Mrs Jack Harris, Louise Falke, Anna Blaud, Mary Ogren, 1908

Many different styles of boots have permeated the company’s history, too. Throughout the years many boots were created for a specific occupation. It all started with Oil King Boots in the 1920s (they were made for oil field workers). Then – in no specific order – came the Iron Rangers (for iron miners), the Harvesters (for wood harvesters), the Engineers (for railroad engineers) and the Blacksmiths (for blacksmiths, duh). All these boots had distinct designs for the conditions a worker would encounter in different occupations. Quite ingenious we say. Today these same boots are worn for the fashion they intrinsically exude as much as they’re worn for their practicality. It’s their Heritage collection.

In addition to all the sweat that’s built this brand over the years. There have been a lot of the same bloodlines, too. Some families have passed down the boot-making trade to their offspring and their offspring’s offspring resulting in as many as four generations that have worked for Red Wing Shoe Company. Just watch this brief tour of their factory to get a glimpse of the tradition that’s present in every boot, then come right on back.

You can tell that a lot of care goes into making each pair, can’t you? Buying Red Wings is truly an investment. A single pair of these handcrafted-in-the-USA boots will last you for years, even if you wear them every day. Give ‘em a good brush and throw some pine pitch and mink oil on them every now and then and you’re golden. Or your boots are golden rather. After you start seeing some wear and tear, simply send them on in to Red Wing for some careful restoration. You could wear the same pair for a lifetime if you really wanted. And as the years pass the boots only gain more character – all this coming from first-hand experience, of course.

Woman on rope swing at Red Wing company picnic, Adams Pasture, Trenton WI, 1919

All you ladies will be happy to know that these same quality boots that men have primarily had the privilege of wearing for years are now available for you, too. That’s right. Red Wing Heritage has specifically brought female footwear to the foreground. You no longer have to buy smaller sized men’s Red Wings; you now have a collection all your own. (The boots are even designed to be lighter and more flexible so it takes less time to break them in – all the while being more comfortable.)

It only makes sense, too. Women have had as much to do with Red Wing as men have since the very beginning. They’ve been on the production lines. They’ve toiled. They’ve sweat and bled. They’re filled with the very same grit that men are. There has been no behind-the-scenes for the fine women at Red Wing. They deserve to have Heritage boots crafted perfectly and precisely for them just as men have.

Red Wing Shoe Company Ladies boots

To be sure these styles – for the most part – are the same styles present in the men’s line but some of them are actually reminiscent of the boots that Red Wing made for women almost a century ago. (See the above pictures for reference.) So you’ll definitely see a more feminine stylistic approach crafted into these boots.

And now for the news…

Without further ado we’re thrilled to announce that we proudly carry the new Red Wing Heritage lines for women both in-store and online. Take a gander at our collection, nay, your collection. Then feel free to come on in whenever you please (store hours of course) and try a pair on. We bet you’ll fall in love immediately. You’ll soon understand why your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, uncle, and every other man in your life has fallen in love time and again with their Red Wings.

The Stockist Women Red Wings - Big American Story 55 edit

The Stockist Women Red Wings - Big American Story 38 edit

The Stockist Women Red Wings - Big American Story 32 edit

The Stockist Women Red Wings - Big American Story 7 edit

The Stockist Women Red Wings - Big American Story edit


Blood, sweat and seven years later

stockist intro image blog big american story

Wow. Seven years, can you believe it? That’s how long we’ve been around. None of it would’ve been possible without the ardent outpouring of support from patrons such as yourself. Our blood, sweat and tears – literally all of those things – built this shop. But who we are today is because of you; we’ve never forgotten that.

Not too much has changed, other than the change of names from Fresh to The Stockist. Oh, and the change of locations, from the south side of the street to the north side (we’re still in the 9th and 9th area, right across from the Tower Theatre). Truly, though, nothing else has changed. Our mission remains the same. We strive to stock quality goods and lifestyle essentials for an everyday purpose. We aim to be at the forefront of Salt Lake fashion. And most importantly, we go all out to be your local stockist open and ready to chat about style whenever you want.

At the risk of sounding self-absorbed (which we’re absolutely not), a lot of you out there probably know who we are. But we realize a lot of you probably don’t know the behind-the-scenes of where we come from and why our passion is, well, fashion. Introductions – as well as a bit of history – are in order then.

stockist helen and brett big american story1
outside stockist blog picture big american story1
Back up seven years to the day, July 14, 2009, and you’ll see the slightly younger, still fresh faces of the siblings Helen and Ian Wade. Now, there wasn’t any ribbon cutting, or champagne christening that day, but there were a lot of locals and loved ones, donning their toothy, supportive smiles. They were packed in our store ready for a fresh new take on fashion, hand-delivered to Salt Lake’s door. (We hope we delivered that day. More than that we hope we continue to deliver.)

Yep, doors officially opened that warm summer day and we haven’t looked back since. Still, that original location of ours held the same values as we hold today. We’re still bent on curating quality goods for the community in which we live. Except now we have triple the floor space to bring you triple the essentials.Even so, more changes, perhaps not so joyous, occurred. You probably know, with a heavy heart, the other half of the Wade siblings, Ian, moved to NYC. No need to fret at all. He’s happily off and away taking his very own bite out of that concrete jungle we call the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, back in ol’ Salt Lake City, Helen is still ever-present at the helm. She’s not exactly solo, either. Brett Devereaux quickly moved up the ladder and now helps curate the shop. You’ll see both of them at the store virtually every day. Why? Because they love fashion and because running a clothing and lifestyle shop is not only rewarding and worthwhile work, it can also be difficult and demanding at times as well.

stockist shop front big american story
the stockist women's dress big american story

These two though, Helen and Brett, have always had a knack for pulling together immaculate collections of colors and patterns since before they graduated grade school, but cultivating the vibe, the energy, no…the spirit of this shop is a totally different ballgame. No complaints though. Never. Also, no backers, no corporations, and no secret gold keeps us afloat. Nope, we’re independently owned and proud of it. It’s all us – and you, of course. We feel confident by now that you can tell we care a whole hell of a lot about community as well as creating an environment where everyone with a penchant for quality fashion feels welcome. So come one, come all.

All that said, we’d be more than honored if you’d join us this Thursday, July 14th, 2016 from 6-9 PM for an event seven years in the making. It’s not solely our horn that we’ll be tooting, either. Both ourCaste (a “Goods for Life” clothing and lifestyle brand) and Norden (a heritage shop full of quality candles, planters, incense and ceramic goods) are standing proudly beside us to commemorate the bright summer sun beating on our backs as well as seven years total of full-on love for just about everyone who’s helped shape our community brand.

If you’re asking, yes, libations will be served. Plus, there will be music, and it will be danceable, so bring your shoes, or buy some from us if need be. Because guess what? There’s a sale celebrating this joyous anniversary and it’s under way now. Please find all the details you need in the flyer below, and it’d be more than kind of you to help spread the word. So go, disseminate the festive info. Then come strut, swing and sway right along with us.

Raise your glasses filled with whatever you please. Here’s to seven more years. Thank you, truly.