Loose Fits Are Back for Spring 2021

One of our tasks as a chic Salt Lake City clothing boutique for men and women is to keep track of fashion trends so we can anticipate what’s coming. From what we can tell, loose fits will be all the rage for spring 2021. That’s not surprising given the fact that many of us have spent the last year working from home. Who wants to go back to tight fitting clothing after spending the better part of 12 months in sweatsuits and pajamas?

A recent Insider piece discussing the thoughts of three well-known fashion designers confirms our suspicion. One of the predictions found in that piece suggests “wider and looser cuts” dominating this year’s runways. We couldn’t agree more.

Looser fitting clothing is more comfortable. It can also be more flattering to certain body types. This could be the year we finally turn the page on skinny jeans and men’s suits that are a size-and-a-half too small. In light of that, we have some new items reflecting loose fits for both men and women.

Check Out Our Chinos for Men

The cotton twill that fabric chinos are made of is extremely comfortable. It offers a relaxed fit, absorbs perspiration, and is quite breathable. It’s no wonder so many men prefer chinos for non-formal occasions. We invite you to check out all of the new chinos in our inventory.

Just remember that chinos don’t have to be khaki. Most of them were in the early days, but we’re allowed to embrace different colors in 2021. We have chinos in white, deep olive and other colors. If chinos don’t interest you, we have some loose-fitting Carhartt Wips that might be more your style.

Alex Mill Sweatshirts for Men

Above the waist, an excellent choice for men this spring are Alex Mill sweatshirts. Crew neck sweatshirts are ideal for both leisure activities and casual work. They provide extra warmth when spring temperatures are still cool yet can be easily removed when things heat up. Pair an Alex Mill sweatshirt with one of our T-shirts for the complete upper body package.

Jumpsuits for Women

The ultimate in loose-fitting comfort for women is the classic jumpsuit. We have several new items in stock for your spring wardrobe. Check out the L.F. Markey Emerson jumpsuit, the Ollie Overall from Alex Mill, or the Overall Khaki Jumper from Ali Goldman. All three are great choices. We have additional choices from Loup and Atwyld.

Sweatshirts for Women

Alex Mill isn’t a brand exclusive to the men. They make awesome sweatshirts for women too. Their Lakeside line is a line of crew neck sweatshirts in eye-catching colors like French Navy, Golden Khaki, and Army Green. Check out the pictures yourself. You will feel more comfortable just looking at them.

For a more formal look, check out our cardigans from Back Beat Co. These wonderful pieces offer a subtle presentation of craftsman-level artistry in delicate colors that go with a variety of dresses, pants, and blouses. Choose from lime yellow, foam blue, and apple red.

Comfort Is King This Year

From what we can tell, comfort is king for 2021 fashions. When you shop our Salt Lake City boutique, you can get comfort without sacrificing style. We have all the latest fashions from the brands you trust most. Stop by and take a look for yourself. If you are not close, feel free to browse online.

As always, remember that The Stockist still offers private shopping for those who want to enjoy full access to the store without crowds. Check out our homepage for details.

5 Tips for Selecting Your Everyday Jewelry

We rarely use our blog to discuss jewelry. It is not because we have anything against jewelry, it’s just that we tend to focus more on clothing for men and women. Yet here at our Salt Lake City boutique, we have an excellent selection of jewelry covering all the most important categories:

As far as accessories go, few options complete a look quite like the right jewelry pieces. Fortunately, our selection is extensive enough to meet virtually any need. Take a look at our inventory and, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, we have put together five tips to help you select your everyday jewelry.

1. Consider Your Style

You have a certain style that crosses event boundaries. In other words, whether you are dressing for work or a formal occasion, you have a certain style that supports both. Choose your jewelry to complement that style. If you are more of the elegant type, choose jewelry that looks elegant. If your personality is a bit bolder, don’t be afraid to push the jewelry envelope.

2. Consider the Occasion

In addition to your style, you do need to consider the occasion at hand. There are certain pieces of jewelry you would wear to a formal event but not to the beach. Likewise, some of your jewelry pieces are intended only for work.

While all this might seem obvious, there’s a reason for considering the occasion: you want your jewelry to match the rest of your clothing. Considering the occasion will either help you choose the right jewelry or make it clear that your clothing choices need to be reconsidered.

3. Remember Your Skin Tone

It is important to choose jewelry that complements your skin tone. This is not to say that you have to settle for one particular color or style. It’s just that you don’t want your jewelry and skin tone to clash.

4. Avoid the Ostentatious

There are those rare occasions when you purposely want your jewelry to be the most noticeable thing on your person. But as a general rule, jewelry should not be ostentatious. It should be an accessory that completes the rest of your outfit. It should be nice enough to get noticed but subtle enough to get out of the way.

An incredibly wise person once said that you should wear your jewelry; it should not wear you. That’s sound advice. If the only thing people ever notice about you are your necklaces and bracelets, your jewelry choices probably border on the ostentatious. Make some changes.

5. Have Fun with Your Jewelry

The last tip for choosing everyday jewelry is to have fun with it. Choose items you actually enjoy wearing. Otherwise, they become nothing more than ornaments for others to look at. And then what’s the point?

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, right? True comfort extends beyond your clothing to include your jewelry and accessories. Make sure your jewelry choices are pieces you feel good about. They should be pieces that make you smile whenever you wear them.

We carry a full line of jewelry and accessories here at our Salt Lake City boutique. Whether you are shopping in person or online, you’re sure to find jewelry that fits your style and your budget. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please ask. We might be able to point you to something you have overlooked. One way or another, we want to outfit you with jewelry pieces that you will absolutely love.

How Much Do You Know About the Classic Jumpsuit?

We recently added a new Alex Mill field jumpsuit loosely patterned after a vintage airman-style jumpsuit of days gone by. This is a great piece of clothing for the casual man who might wear it for work or leisure. You can see it at our Salt Lake City boutique or here online.

Modern jumpsuits can be as fashionable as they are utilitarian. Some of the most interesting pieces now being designed don’t look anything like original predecessors. Yet every jumpsuit can trace its history back to a very utilitarian purpose, a purpose that had little to do with looking good outside the house.


Keeping Parachute Jumpers Warm

If you’re interested in learning the entire history of the jumpsuit, Vogue contributor Maude Bass-Krueger put together a great piece that the magazine published in early 2020. In a nutshell, the very first jumpsuit made its debut in 1919. It was created as a one-piece garment for parachute jumpers.

The military was looking for a garment that was loose-fitting, comfortable, and warm. It also had to be functional. The jumpsuit design fit the bill nicely. Obviously, those original jumpsuits were made of heavier material and worn over the top of one’s street clothes.

That first design worked so well that jumpsuits were modified to accommodate boiler workers. Designers used lighter materials to accommodate the higher temperatures of the boiler room, where workers would continually shovel coal into fire-breathing boilers.

From Boiler Room to Munitions Factories

The next step in the evolution of the jumpsuit occurred during World War II, when women took to the factories in place of men who were off fighting overseas. Women working in munitions factories began wearing jumpsuits to protect their street clothes in a nasty work environment.

It wasn’t long before fashion designers began creating separate jumpsuits for women, jumpsuits that could be worn as fashionable clothing outside the factory. Designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Vera Maxwell made the jumpsuit a piece of everyday clothing for women.

The Modern Jumpsuit

What we know as the modern jumpsuit was birthed in the 1950s when designers like Bonnie Cashin started creating evening jumpsuits. Their designs were less functional and utilitarian and more toward stylish evening wear. From that point on, jumpsuits for women were no longer equated with World War II’s Rosie the Riveter.

Our Alex Mill field jumpsuit for men hearkens back to those earliest days. It is made of comfortable cotton and sports an adjustable waist, corozo buttons, and pockets for all your stuff.

This is not a jumpsuit that is going to keep you warm at 15,000 feet. It is also one you probably won’t want to risk getting dirty by wearing it to work on your car. But it is a good-looking piece of clothing that’s ideal for hiking, fishing, or doing outdoor yard work. It works well with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts underneath.

Schedule a Shopping Appointment

We invite you to take a look at our new Alex Mill jumpsuit as well as the other recent arrivals at our Salt Lake City boutique. If you are not ready to shop with the general public, no worries. You can schedule an in-store appointment for a private shopping experience. Better yet, you can schedule your appointment here on our website.

Outside of Salt Lake City, we invite you to browse and shop online. Take a look at our complete inventory of men’s and women’s fashions along with accessories and a limited number of products for the home. Everything you have come to expect from The Stockist is just a click or tap away.

T-Shirts: Versatile Clothing for Nearly Any Occasion

The Stockist is thrilled the offer a good selection of T-shirts for both women and men. We have T-shirts with long and short sleeves. We have solid color shirts and graphic tees. We even have T-shirt crop tops and muscle tees. Our many options are made possible by the versatility of the classic T-shirt.

A while back we published a blog post discussing how T-shirts went from work clothing to everyday fashion. If you read that post, you might remember that T-shirts were birthed in the factories and work yards of the early 20th century. Today, we wear them just about everywhere.

Classic White T-Shirt and Jeans

There’s no such thing as a standard T-shirt outfit. But if there were, it would probably be the classic white tee paired with straight leg or boot-cut blue jeans. T-shirt material and denim go very well together. It is a look you cannot go wrong with except at extremely formal occasions.

The white T-shirt works here because it is neutral. That means you can modify this classic look by changing your jeans. Instead of blue, try black. White works with everything, which could be one reason the classic white T-shirt is as popular today as it was when James Dean and Marlon Brando were wearing it on the silver screen in the 1950s.

Other Solid T-Shirts

Of course, manufacturers make T-shirts in other solid colors. There really are no limits. From classic primary colors to tones and hues covering the entire color spectrum, you can get a solid T-shirt to match just about anything. The nice thing about solids is that they are not limited to casual outfits you wear on the weekends.

A nice, solid color T-shirt can be paired with dress slacks and a jacket. This is true for both men and women. Women can even wear a business casual T-shirt without a jacket in more formal business settings. Men still need a jacket in the absence of a tie. Sorry, guys.

Solid color T-shirt and skirts are not off-limits, either. A crop top works well with a shorter skirt while a relaxed pullover with long sleeves nicely complements knee-length skirts.

The Graphic T-Shirt

We cannot talk about T-shirt fashion without mentioning the graphic T-shirt. Though our selection of graphic tees is somewhat limited, you can find just about anything if you are willing to look for it. There are literally tens of thousands of graphic T-shirts available at any given time – maybe even more.

The interesting thing about graphic tees is that they convey a message above and beyond your fashion sense. They literally say something. Take a look at any of our Thrills graphic tees and you’ll see just what we mean.

The graphic T-shirts in our inventory are reminiscent of the shirts we all used to buy when we were still attending rock concerts. That’s no accident. T-shirts became everyday clothing because rock concert promoters in the 1960s had the foresight to start selling them at live events.

Inexpensive and Fun Fashion

What can we say about T-shirts above and beyond their versatility? Perhaps that they represent inexpensive and fun fashion. Not only can you wear a T-shirt with just about any outfit, and look good doing so, you don’t need to spend a fortune. The T-shirt offers that perfect combination of everything we want in daily clothing.

Feel free to browse our inventory of T-shirts for men and women here online. If you are in Salt Lake City, stop by our boutique. We are open seven days a week. We also offer private shopping by appointment.

Carhartt Honest Clothing That Meets Your Needs

We are extremely choosy about the brands we carry in our Salt Lake City boutique. Here at The Stockist, we are committed to carrying the best apparel brands for men, women, and children. That is why we are a proud Carhartt retailer. It is our position that Carhartt offers you honest clothing that meets your needs.

What do we mean by that? The answer is as easy as taking a look at Carhartt’s history. As one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in the U.S., Carhartt has a long relationship with generations of consumers who have come to rely on the brand. Carhartt is loved by construction workers, railway workers, and many others.

More Than 130 Years

The Carhartt products we carry in our fashion boutique are the result of more than 130 years of research, design, and high-quality manufacturing. Hamilton Carhartt & Company was founded in 1889 by the company’s namesake, Hamilton Carhartt. He got started in a Detroit loft with little more than two sewing machines and a small electric motor.

Carhartt’s first foray into clothing manufacturing centered around overalls. A lack of success led him to do what few other companies were doing at the time: delve into market research. He actually went out and asked real workers what they wanted in work clothing. Then he set about making it for them.

The company’s motto back then was ‘honest value for an honest dollar’. That means something to us. We believe that ‘honest’ clothing is clothing made to meet a particular need. Companies that make it do what Hamilton Carhartt did. They respond to your needs rather than creating what they want and then convincing you of your need for it.

Turn-Of-The-Century Prosperity

Carhartt’s market research and commitment to honest clothing led to prosperity. Some 20 years after the company was originally founded, there were Carhartt operations in South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and California. The following years saw international expansion into Canada, England and, eventually, France.

Hamilton Carhartt and his company continued to do what they had always done. They made high-quality work clothing that protected workers against both the elements and environmental dangers. But that’s not all. Carhartt also got involved in the efforts to win both World Wars.

Factories churned out clothing for soldiers. Carhartt designed and manufactured jungle suits for war in the Pacific. They produced workwear for the army of women who kept American factories going during the conflicts. Some of the products still sold by the company today have their roots in those international conflicts of years gone by.

A Company That Believes in America

Even though the stock market crash and subsequent depression did a number on Carhartt’s bottom line, the company persevered. Despite nearly closing its doors, Carhartt persevered in its belief that hard work would win the day. The company also demonstrated its commitment to the American workforce.

Few companies are as synonymous with American culture as Carhartt. This is one company that believes in America. In the late 1930s, the company developed a Back to the Land initiative that led to the opening of new operations in rural America. Four facilities from that era are still operating in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Over the years, Carhartt clothing has been involved in everything from construction of the Alaskan pipeline to developing white label products for American retailers. The company has left an indelible mark not only on our culture, but also clothing design and manufacturing.

We invite you to shop The Stockist for all of your Carhartt products. We offer shirts, jackets, and more from this world-renowned brand.

5 Benefits of Private Shopping at The Stockist

We are thrilled to offer online shopping and direct-to-your-door delivery for customers unable to make it to our Salt Lake City boutique. For those who live locally, we offer liberal store hours seven days a week. We also offer another option we think you will love – private shopping. This is a new offering but something that has already proven to be a big hit with our customers.

Private shopping allows you to visit our store with up to four guests, either before the store opens to the public or after it closes. We reserve 30-minute increments for our private shoppers. Upon request, we can also pull out specific items of clothing our guests are interested in seeing. Private shopping is a unique experience we think is likely to catch on in the coming years.

Private Shopping at the Stockist after Hours

Not sure it is right for you? Here are five benefits of private shopping at The Stockist:

1. Fewer Coronavirus Concerns

As one of Salt Lake City’s premier men’s and women’s boutiques, we take our responsibility to guests very seriously. We understand that many of you have legitimate concerns about coronavirus. In fact, this was one of the motivations for establishing private shopping. When you shop our boutique during one of our exclusive 30-minute appointments, there are fewer coronavirus worries to contend with. You and your guests have the store to yourselves.

2. Our Undivided Attention

Come to think of it, you do not actually have the store to yourselves. Our sales personnel are also on hand. But because there are no other guests, you have our exclusive attention. Our sales staff will be there to assist you throughout your entire experience. You can ask questions and request to see garments from certain brands. We can offer advice on everything from fitting to mixing and matching colors and styles.

3. A Relaxing Experience

Sometimes, just looking for women’s dresses or men’s jeans feels pressured. You have other guests around you, all wanting to see the same items. You can feel like you are pressed for time and space because there are so many others around. That is not the case when you shop privately. Private shopping affords you the opportunity for a relaxed, worry-free experience. The entire 30 minutes is yours. Take your time.

4. A More Social Experience

Many of our customers enjoy the social aspects of shopping as much as the acquisition of new clothing. When a boutique is busy though, social interactions can be limited. Private shopping erases any such limits. During your appointed time, you and your guests can browse at your leisure. Talk, laugh, and share a good time free from having to worry about other guests.

5. A Great Gift Idea

One of the things we like to promote with private shopping is offering it as a gift idea. In other words, you can treat someone special to an exclusive 30-minute shopping trip in our boutique. You and your friends can get together and buy that special person whatever they want. You will enjoy not only giving a great gift but being able to share in the experience as well. There may be no better way to shop for someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

Remember, our Salt Lake City boutique offers private shopping before and after regular business hours. If you would like to make an appointment for yourself and up to four guests, you can call to schedule or use our online booking tool found on the home page of this site. We wish you a happy shopping experience no matter how you decide to book your appointment!

Other Than Style, What Makes a Good Shoe?

We are very particular about the brands we choose to carry. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a pair of shoes matters. That’s why we carry brands like Red Wing, Vans, and Converse. Customers of our Salt Lake City boutique have a certain expectation of quality that we work very hard to maintain.

How do you feel about shoes? Do you have a closet full, or are you happy owning just one or two pairs? Regardless, it’s best to know what constitutes a good idea before you buy. This post is designed to give you some insight into what constitutes a good shoe, above and beyond style alone.

Self-Securing Design

According to Australian physical therapist and self-proclaimed wellness nerd Grant Frost, a good pair of shoes is designed to be self-securing. In other words, they hold themselves in place so that you do not have to work so hard to keep them from falling off. This allows your feet to relax and work the way they were naturally designed to work.

You can see this sort of thing in every pair of Red Wing boots in our inventory. Boots for both men and women go at least to the ankle and have enough material to cover the entire foot. Most lace up to keep them securely in place.

A Flat Sole

Frost also says that shoes with flat soles are ideal. In fact, he is openly against heels of any kind. That might not sit well among those who are especially fashion conscious, but his feelings toward heels are not without reason. Heels prohibit our feet from walking and stepping naturally. They require extra work, they increase the risk of injury, and they tend to be more uncomfortable the longer you wear them.

Wider Toes

We’ve gone this far with Frost, so we might as well continue with his analysis of what makes a good shoe. He says that broader toes are good because they allow our toes to be toes. His point is that shoes with narrow toes force us to pack our feet into spaces that are too small. This isn’t good for the toes. It is also not good for the feet in general. If narrow, pointed toes are important for style purposes, going for a little extra length is a workable compromise.

Flexible Construction

Walking properly is an exercise that involves the whole foot moving across the ground in a fluid motion. The heel of the foot makes contact first, then forward shifting weight forces the foot to roll forward as energy moves from arch to toe. To make all this work as nature intended, we need flexible shoes. Needless to say our Converse shoes for men and women fit the bill.

Lightweight Construction

Frost says that good shoes are lightweight shoes that do not add unnecessary weight to the leg. He doesn’t offer any explanation as to why this is so. However, it does make sense. Extra weight in the shoes forces you to do extra work to walk. Heavy shoes can also increase the risk of injury by making it difficult to pick up your feet with every step. You’re more likely to trip in heavier shoes.

Frost certainly doesn’t discount aesthetics. He recognizes that a good shoe is one that is aesthetically pleasing enough that you wear it. If a pair of shoes meets all of the other criteria but is still ugly, they may never leave your closet. Fortunately, it’s not an issue with the shoes we sell. Here at The Stockist, we only sell the good stuff.

5 Characteristics of Lifestyle Clothing

Here at The Stockist, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a men’s and women’s clothing boutique. We are not just another clothing store in Salt Lake City. Rather, we sell lifestyle clothing. We sell a certain vibe that incorporates high quality designer clothing with the values that are near and dear to our customers. What we do is similar to how companies create lifestyle brands.

A lifestyle brand goes beyond mere marketing to appeal to what makes a person who he or she is. Such brands are appreciated not only because of their inherent quality, but also because of the values held by the companies that make them. The companies that make the clothing on our racks are very much lifestyle brands. They make it easy for us to incorporate the lifestyle concept into what we do.

If you are still confused, here are five characteristics of lifestyle clothing:

1. It Matches Your Lifestyle

This first characteristic may seem like a no-brainer. With deference to Captain Obvious, lifestyle clothing matches the lifestyle of the wearer. It doesn’t just cover the skin and keep the person warm. So ask yourself, “how would I describe my lifestyle?”

You might be the outdoorsy type who can’t get enough of Utah’s natural beauty. You are the ideal candidate for some of the latest jackets in our men’s and women’s inventory. Or maybe you are more of the indoor type. We have casual wear designed to ensure your comfort at home and at work.

2. It Tells Your Story

You have a specific idea of who you are as a person. Whether you know it or not, the clothing you wear speaks to who that person is. Lifestyle clothing should help tell your story. It should help you present the best possible version of you. When people see you walking down the street, your clothing tells them what to expect from you.

3. It Connects with Your Social Circles

Companies attempting to develop a lifestyle brand rely heavily on social media to do so. Why? Because like-minded people inhabit the same social circles. We can apply this same principle to lifestyle clothing. It is clothing that connects with those you socialize with. Their individual styles may not be the same as yours, but all of your styles mesh together in a social environment where similar values are shared.

4. It Inspires Confidence in You

It has been suggested time and again that clothing influences behavior. This is why business experts tell entrepreneurs to dress for success. It is why recruiting managers tell applicants to dress for the job they want. We can apply this to lifestyle clothing by way of self-confidence.

Lifestyle clothing inspires confidence in you. You feel good about the way you look, thereby encouraging you to feel good about who you are as a person. Those sorts of feelings build self-confidence. They help you realize your own potential and the possibilities that this potential implies.

5. It’s like a Second Skin

Lastly, lifestyle clothing should be so comfortable that it almost feels like a second skin. For some people, business suits and formal dresses create that sort of feeling. Other people are more at home in jeans and tank tops. Personal preference doesn’t matter here. What matters is comfort.

There is a difference between generic clothing and lifestyle clothing. If you prefer the latter, we invite you to visit our Salt Lake City boutique. We offer a variety of lifestyle clothing for men, women, and children. It’s clothing that is easily recognized by the five characteristics described in this post.

How to Wear That New Beanie like a Pro

You bought a beanie to go with your new coat. As far as you know, the two look great together. But wait. There is more to it than color and style coordination. How you wear your new beanie will ultimately determine whether or not it’s a good look for you.

The beanie is a seemingly simplistic piece of outerwear that doesn’t appear to offer many options for wearing. But that is where most people misunderstand this particular article of clothing. There is more than one way to rock a beanie. In fact, there are five ways:

1. All the Way Down

The first option is to pull the beanie all the way down on your head. Do not leave any excess material at the top. Now, this might be your only choice if your new beanie is a size or two too small. But if it’s large enough to leave some excess material, pull it down tight and then fold up the excess to create a cuff around your forehead.

This look is great for reducing your profile. It is a good option if you are wearing a short jacket that goes no further than the waist. It doesn’t work well with longer jackets because it makes your head look too small.


2. Straight Up

The complete opposite of wearing a beanie all the way down is wearing it a straight up. With this configuration, any excess material you have sticks straight up in the air. It creates a crown that adds a little more shape to your head. How much excess material you leave straight up is entirely up to you. Adjust the size of the crown by positioning the hat on your head and then balancing the crown against the cuff.

3. The Slouch

You might have some extra material up top, but you don’t want it sticking straight up in the air. After all, you’re not an elf. So what do you do? You pull the excess slightly backwards and let it hang off the back of your head. The slouch look is slightly laid-back without being too informal.

We like the slouch with a nice denim jacket from our boutique. Note that it doesn’t work well with tightly knit beanies that are exceptionally stiff. A softer wool beanie is ideal for the slouch.


4. The Super Slouch

To pull off the super slouch, you really need a large beanie. Buy one at least a size or two bigger than you need. Now, place it on your head so that it covers most of your forehead and your ears. All of the excess gets pulled down so that it hangs off the back of the head like a bag.

Think of the super slouch as a low hanging bun. That’s the look you’re trying to create. It is perfect for guys and gals with a lot of excess hair to account for. All of that hair sits nicely underneath the beanie, just above the neckline.

5. The Push Back

The point of the push back look is to cover the top of the head but leave the forehead uncovered. Instead of the bottom of the cuff sitting just above the eyebrows, it sits on top of the skull – right where it meets the top of the forehead. Your ears are only half covered as well.

And now you know how to wear that new beanie and jacket you bought from The Stockist. Be sure to match the look with the style of your jacket. Pull it off and you will be rocking your beanie like a pro.

Can We Interest You in Some Great TSPTR Peanuts Gear?

It is often said that everything old is new again. We don’t know if that holds true across the board, but we do know that it applies to fashion. That’s why we are proud to offer some great new products from TSPTR, a manufacturer we are especially thrilled to work with. TSPTR’s ideals are similar to our own, making them a perfect partner for our Salt Lake City boutique.

TSPTR is an acronym that stands for ‘truth, symmetry, pleasure, taste, and recognition’. It is also a mindset that focuses on function before form. We like that. We think men’s and women’s clothing, before anything else, should provide the kind of function people want. Everything from denim jeans to ladies’ dresses and outerwear needs to function properly or it will not get any use.

Peanuts Gear from TSPTR

If you browse our TSPTR inventory, you’ll notice quite a few items featuring reprinted artwork from the famous Peanuts comic strip. There are images of Charlie Brown, Linus, Woodstock, and Snoopy. For example, we sell a t-shirt depicting Linus carrying a sign promoting the stamping out of things that need to be stamped out.


The image is a reprint of a 1960s era poster. It is a classic image you might not be familiar with if you were born after the late 1970s, but it’s a message that is as relevant today as it was when the poster was first produced.

If you are not familiar with the Peanuts brand, it is a decades-old comic strip created by the late Charles Schultz. His main characters were a group of children, along with a beagle puppy and a yellow bird, who were ahead of their time in terms of intellectual ability and social awareness. The Peanuts comic strip is still in syndication today. It reminds us of what is really important in life.

Function, Form, and Artwork

Our current TSPTR inventory includes t-shirts, socks, baseball caps, and beanies. Not every product is branded with Peanuts artwork, but all the products are high-quality, and we know they will offer you years of reliable service.


When you choose TSPTR, you are choosing functional clothing that does just what you expect it to. A TSPTR beanie will keep your head warm on the coldest of winter days. One of their baseball caps will protect your head and face against the summer sun while still allowing your skull and scalp to breathe.

TSPTR long- and short-sleeve t-shirts will keep you covered and warm at the same time. They will absorb sweat and wick it away from your body.

In addition to the function, every TSPTR product is designed with form in mind. In other words, you get style in addition to utility. Your style is enhanced when you choose a Peanuts branded product with a timeless message everyone needs to hear.

For Yourself and Your Family

So, who are TSPTR products for? You and your family. For yourself, a good selection of TSPTR t-shirts and a hat might be just what you need to get through the next several months. Remember that we tend to dress in layers at this time of year. So why not beef up your t-shirt collection with two or three new tees from TSPTR. Grab a new hat before the temperatures really start to drop.

In terms of your family, TSPTR products make great gifts for holiday gift-giving. Your significant other will love a new t-shirt and a pair of branded Peanuts socks. They make a great gift for a holiday we all know Charlie Brown loves.