Loose Fits Are Back for Spring 2021

One of our tasks as a chic Salt Lake City clothing boutique for men and women is to keep track of fashion trends so we can anticipate what’s coming. From what we can tell, loose fits will be all the rage for spring 2021. That’s not surprising given the fact that many of us have spent the last year working from home. Who wants to go back to tight fitting clothing after spending the better part of 12 months in sweatsuits and pajamas?

A recent Insider piece discussing the thoughts of three well-known fashion designers confirms our suspicion. One of the predictions found in that piece suggests “wider and looser cuts” dominating this year’s runways. We couldn’t agree more.

Looser fitting clothing is more comfortable. It can also be more flattering to certain body types. This could be the year we finally turn the page on skinny jeans and men’s suits that are a size-and-a-half too small. In light of that, we have some new items reflecting loose fits for both men and women.

Check Out Our Chinos for Men

The cotton twill that fabric chinos are made of is extremely comfortable. It offers a relaxed fit, absorbs perspiration, and is quite breathable. It’s no wonder so many men prefer chinos for non-formal occasions. We invite you to check out all of the new chinos in our inventory.

Just remember that chinos don’t have to be khaki. Most of them were in the early days, but we’re allowed to embrace different colors in 2021. We have chinos in white, deep olive and other colors. If chinos don’t interest you, we have some loose-fitting Carhartt Wips that might be more your style.

Alex Mill Sweatshirts for Men

Above the waist, an excellent choice for men this spring are Alex Mill sweatshirts. Crew neck sweatshirts are ideal for both leisure activities and casual work. They provide extra warmth when spring temperatures are still cool yet can be easily removed when things heat up. Pair an Alex Mill sweatshirt with one of our T-shirts for the complete upper body package.

Jumpsuits for Women

The ultimate in loose-fitting comfort for women is the classic jumpsuit. We have several new items in stock for your spring wardrobe. Check out the L.F. Markey Emerson jumpsuit, the Ollie Overall from Alex Mill, or the Overall Khaki Jumper from Ali Goldman. All three are great choices. We have additional choices from Loup and Atwyld.

Sweatshirts for Women

Alex Mill isn’t a brand exclusive to the men. They make awesome sweatshirts for women too. Their Lakeside line is a line of crew neck sweatshirts in eye-catching colors like French Navy, Golden Khaki, and Army Green. Check out the pictures yourself. You will feel more comfortable just looking at them.

For a more formal look, check out our cardigans from Back Beat Co. These wonderful pieces offer a subtle presentation of craftsman-level artistry in delicate colors that go with a variety of dresses, pants, and blouses. Choose from lime yellow, foam blue, and apple red.

Comfort Is King This Year

From what we can tell, comfort is king for 2021 fashions. When you shop our Salt Lake City boutique, you can get comfort without sacrificing style. We have all the latest fashions from the brands you trust most. Stop by and take a look for yourself. If you are not close, feel free to browse online.

As always, remember that The Stockist still offers private shopping for those who want to enjoy full access to the store without crowds. Check out our homepage for details.

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