5 Tips for Selecting Your Everyday Jewelry

We rarely use our blog to discuss jewelry. It is not because we have anything against jewelry, it’s just that we tend to focus more on clothing for men and women. Yet here at our Salt Lake City boutique, we have an excellent selection of jewelry covering all the most important categories:

As far as accessories go, few options complete a look quite like the right jewelry pieces. Fortunately, our selection is extensive enough to meet virtually any need. Take a look at our inventory and, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, we have put together five tips to help you select your everyday jewelry.

1. Consider Your Style

You have a certain style that crosses event boundaries. In other words, whether you are dressing for work or a formal occasion, you have a certain style that supports both. Choose your jewelry to complement that style. If you are more of the elegant type, choose jewelry that looks elegant. If your personality is a bit bolder, don’t be afraid to push the jewelry envelope.

2. Consider the Occasion

In addition to your style, you do need to consider the occasion at hand. There are certain pieces of jewelry you would wear to a formal event but not to the beach. Likewise, some of your jewelry pieces are intended only for work.

While all this might seem obvious, there’s a reason for considering the occasion: you want your jewelry to match the rest of your clothing. Considering the occasion will either help you choose the right jewelry or make it clear that your clothing choices need to be reconsidered.

3. Remember Your Skin Tone

It is important to choose jewelry that complements your skin tone. This is not to say that you have to settle for one particular color or style. It’s just that you don’t want your jewelry and skin tone to clash.

4. Avoid the Ostentatious

There are those rare occasions when you purposely want your jewelry to be the most noticeable thing on your person. But as a general rule, jewelry should not be ostentatious. It should be an accessory that completes the rest of your outfit. It should be nice enough to get noticed but subtle enough to get out of the way.

An incredibly wise person once said that you should wear your jewelry; it should not wear you. That’s sound advice. If the only thing people ever notice about you are your necklaces and bracelets, your jewelry choices probably border on the ostentatious. Make some changes.

5. Have Fun with Your Jewelry

The last tip for choosing everyday jewelry is to have fun with it. Choose items you actually enjoy wearing. Otherwise, they become nothing more than ornaments for others to look at. And then what’s the point?

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, right? True comfort extends beyond your clothing to include your jewelry and accessories. Make sure your jewelry choices are pieces you feel good about. They should be pieces that make you smile whenever you wear them.

We carry a full line of jewelry and accessories here at our Salt Lake City boutique. Whether you are shopping in person or online, you’re sure to find jewelry that fits your style and your budget. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please ask. We might be able to point you to something you have overlooked. One way or another, we want to outfit you with jewelry pieces that you will absolutely love.

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