How Much Do You Know About the Classic Jumpsuit?

We recently added a new Alex Mill field jumpsuit loosely patterned after a vintage airman-style jumpsuit of days gone by. This is a great piece of clothing for the casual man who might wear it for work or leisure. You can see it at our Salt Lake City boutique or here online.

Modern jumpsuits can be as fashionable as they are utilitarian. Some of the most interesting pieces now being designed don’t look anything like original predecessors. Yet every jumpsuit can trace its history back to a very utilitarian purpose, a purpose that had little to do with looking good outside the house.


Keeping Parachute Jumpers Warm

If you’re interested in learning the entire history of the jumpsuit, Vogue contributor Maude Bass-Krueger put together a great piece that the magazine published in early 2020. In a nutshell, the very first jumpsuit made its debut in 1919. It was created as a one-piece garment for parachute jumpers.

The military was looking for a garment that was loose-fitting, comfortable, and warm. It also had to be functional. The jumpsuit design fit the bill nicely. Obviously, those original jumpsuits were made of heavier material and worn over the top of one’s street clothes.

That first design worked so well that jumpsuits were modified to accommodate boiler workers. Designers used lighter materials to accommodate the higher temperatures of the boiler room, where workers would continually shovel coal into fire-breathing boilers.

From Boiler Room to Munitions Factories

The next step in the evolution of the jumpsuit occurred during World War II, when women took to the factories in place of men who were off fighting overseas. Women working in munitions factories began wearing jumpsuits to protect their street clothes in a nasty work environment.

It wasn’t long before fashion designers began creating separate jumpsuits for women, jumpsuits that could be worn as fashionable clothing outside the factory. Designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Vera Maxwell made the jumpsuit a piece of everyday clothing for women.

The Modern Jumpsuit

What we know as the modern jumpsuit was birthed in the 1950s when designers like Bonnie Cashin started creating evening jumpsuits. Their designs were less functional and utilitarian and more toward stylish evening wear. From that point on, jumpsuits for women were no longer equated with World War II’s Rosie the Riveter.

Our Alex Mill field jumpsuit for men hearkens back to those earliest days. It is made of comfortable cotton and sports an adjustable waist, corozo buttons, and pockets for all your stuff.

This is not a jumpsuit that is going to keep you warm at 15,000 feet. It is also one you probably won’t want to risk getting dirty by wearing it to work on your car. But it is a good-looking piece of clothing that’s ideal for hiking, fishing, or doing outdoor yard work. It works well with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts underneath.

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