Carhartt Honest Clothing That Meets Your Needs

We are extremely choosy about the brands we carry in our Salt Lake City boutique. Here at The Stockist, we are committed to carrying the best apparel brands for men, women, and children. That is why we are a proud Carhartt retailer. It is our position that Carhartt offers you honest clothing that meets your needs.

What do we mean by that? The answer is as easy as taking a look at Carhartt’s history. As one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in the U.S., Carhartt has a long relationship with generations of consumers who have come to rely on the brand. Carhartt is loved by construction workers, railway workers, and many others.

More Than 130 Years

The Carhartt products we carry in our fashion boutique are the result of more than 130 years of research, design, and high-quality manufacturing. Hamilton Carhartt & Company was founded in 1889 by the company’s namesake, Hamilton Carhartt. He got started in a Detroit loft with little more than two sewing machines and a small electric motor.

Carhartt’s first foray into clothing manufacturing centered around overalls. A lack of success led him to do what few other companies were doing at the time: delve into market research. He actually went out and asked real workers what they wanted in work clothing. Then he set about making it for them.

The company’s motto back then was ‘honest value for an honest dollar’. That means something to us. We believe that ‘honest’ clothing is clothing made to meet a particular need. Companies that make it do what Hamilton Carhartt did. They respond to your needs rather than creating what they want and then convincing you of your need for it.

Turn-Of-The-Century Prosperity

Carhartt’s market research and commitment to honest clothing led to prosperity. Some 20 years after the company was originally founded, there were Carhartt operations in South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and California. The following years saw international expansion into Canada, England and, eventually, France.

Hamilton Carhartt and his company continued to do what they had always done. They made high-quality work clothing that protected workers against both the elements and environmental dangers. But that’s not all. Carhartt also got involved in the efforts to win both World Wars.

Factories churned out clothing for soldiers. Carhartt designed and manufactured jungle suits for war in the Pacific. They produced workwear for the army of women who kept American factories going during the conflicts. Some of the products still sold by the company today have their roots in those international conflicts of years gone by.

A Company That Believes in America

Even though the stock market crash and subsequent depression did a number on Carhartt’s bottom line, the company persevered. Despite nearly closing its doors, Carhartt persevered in its belief that hard work would win the day. The company also demonstrated its commitment to the American workforce.

Few companies are as synonymous with American culture as Carhartt. This is one company that believes in America. In the late 1930s, the company developed a Back to the Land initiative that led to the opening of new operations in rural America. Four facilities from that era are still operating in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Over the years, Carhartt clothing has been involved in everything from construction of the Alaskan pipeline to developing white label products for American retailers. The company has left an indelible mark not only on our culture, but also clothing design and manufacturing.

We invite you to shop The Stockist for all of your Carhartt products. We offer shirts, jackets, and more from this world-renowned brand.

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