5 Benefits of Private Shopping at The Stockist

We are thrilled to offer online shopping and direct-to-your-door delivery for customers unable to make it to our Salt Lake City boutique. For those who live locally, we offer liberal store hours seven days a week. We also offer another option we think you will love – private shopping. This is a new offering but something that has already proven to be a big hit with our customers.

Private shopping allows you to visit our store with up to four guests, either before the store opens to the public or after it closes. We reserve 30-minute increments for our private shoppers. Upon request, we can also pull out specific items of clothing our guests are interested in seeing. Private shopping is a unique experience we think is likely to catch on in the coming years.

Private Shopping at the Stockist after Hours

Not sure it is right for you? Here are five benefits of private shopping at The Stockist:

1. Fewer Coronavirus Concerns

As one of Salt Lake City’s premier men’s and women’s boutiques, we take our responsibility to guests very seriously. We understand that many of you have legitimate concerns about coronavirus. In fact, this was one of the motivations for establishing private shopping. When you shop our boutique during one of our exclusive 30-minute appointments, there are fewer coronavirus worries to contend with. You and your guests have the store to yourselves.

2. Our Undivided Attention

Come to think of it, you do not actually have the store to yourselves. Our sales personnel are also on hand. But because there are no other guests, you have our exclusive attention. Our sales staff will be there to assist you throughout your entire experience. You can ask questions and request to see garments from certain brands. We can offer advice on everything from fitting to mixing and matching colors and styles.

3. A Relaxing Experience

Sometimes, just looking for women’s dresses or men’s jeans feels pressured. You have other guests around you, all wanting to see the same items. You can feel like you are pressed for time and space because there are so many others around. That is not the case when you shop privately. Private shopping affords you the opportunity for a relaxed, worry-free experience. The entire 30 minutes is yours. Take your time.

4. A More Social Experience

Many of our customers enjoy the social aspects of shopping as much as the acquisition of new clothing. When a boutique is busy though, social interactions can be limited. Private shopping erases any such limits. During your appointed time, you and your guests can browse at your leisure. Talk, laugh, and share a good time free from having to worry about other guests.

5. A Great Gift Idea

One of the things we like to promote with private shopping is offering it as a gift idea. In other words, you can treat someone special to an exclusive 30-minute shopping trip in our boutique. You and your friends can get together and buy that special person whatever they want. You will enjoy not only giving a great gift but being able to share in the experience as well. There may be no better way to shop for someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

Remember, our Salt Lake City boutique offers private shopping before and after regular business hours. If you would like to make an appointment for yourself and up to four guests, you can call to schedule or use our online booking tool found on the home page of this site. We wish you a happy shopping experience no matter how you decide to book your appointment!

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