5 Characteristics of Lifestyle Clothing

Here at The Stockist, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a men’s and women’s clothing boutique. We are not just another clothing store in Salt Lake City. Rather, we sell lifestyle clothing. We sell a certain vibe that incorporates high quality designer clothing with the values that are near and dear to our customers. What we do is similar to how companies create lifestyle brands.

A lifestyle brand goes beyond mere marketing to appeal to what makes a person who he or she is. Such brands are appreciated not only because of their inherent quality, but also because of the values held by the companies that make them. The companies that make the clothing on our racks are very much lifestyle brands. They make it easy for us to incorporate the lifestyle concept into what we do.

If you are still confused, here are five characteristics of lifestyle clothing:

1. It Matches Your Lifestyle

This first characteristic may seem like a no-brainer. With deference to Captain Obvious, lifestyle clothing matches the lifestyle of the wearer. It doesn’t just cover the skin and keep the person warm. So ask yourself, “how would I describe my lifestyle?”

You might be the outdoorsy type who can’t get enough of Utah’s natural beauty. You are the ideal candidate for some of the latest jackets in our men’s and women’s inventory. Or maybe you are more of the indoor type. We have casual wear designed to ensure your comfort at home and at work.

2. It Tells Your Story

You have a specific idea of who you are as a person. Whether you know it or not, the clothing you wear speaks to who that person is. Lifestyle clothing should help tell your story. It should help you present the best possible version of you. When people see you walking down the street, your clothing tells them what to expect from you.

3. It Connects with Your Social Circles

Companies attempting to develop a lifestyle brand rely heavily on social media to do so. Why? Because like-minded people inhabit the same social circles. We can apply this same principle to lifestyle clothing. It is clothing that connects with those you socialize with. Their individual styles may not be the same as yours, but all of your styles mesh together in a social environment where similar values are shared.

4. It Inspires Confidence in You

It has been suggested time and again that clothing influences behavior. This is why business experts tell entrepreneurs to dress for success. It is why recruiting managers tell applicants to dress for the job they want. We can apply this to lifestyle clothing by way of self-confidence.

Lifestyle clothing inspires confidence in you. You feel good about the way you look, thereby encouraging you to feel good about who you are as a person. Those sorts of feelings build self-confidence. They help you realize your own potential and the possibilities that this potential implies.

5. It’s like a Second Skin

Lastly, lifestyle clothing should be so comfortable that it almost feels like a second skin. For some people, business suits and formal dresses create that sort of feeling. Other people are more at home in jeans and tank tops. Personal preference doesn’t matter here. What matters is comfort.

There is a difference between generic clothing and lifestyle clothing. If you prefer the latter, we invite you to visit our Salt Lake City boutique. We offer a variety of lifestyle clothing for men, women, and children. It’s clothing that is easily recognized by the five characteristics described in this post.

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