Women’s Shoes: Which Pair Do I Choose?

Women everywhere know the undeniable truth that you can never have too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are more than just foot coverings. They are more than just protection against cold and moisture. Shoes are as much about fashion as they are protection. They are as much about outfit coordination as they are support.

The biggest difficulty for many of our customers is not the volume of shoes in the closet, it is choosing which pair to wear for each occasion. We do our best to meet a variety of needs by maintaining a good selection of women’s shoes in a range of styles and colors.

So how do you choose your next pair of women’s shoes? By thinking things through. Consider the following:

How You Will Use Them?

All women’s shoes start with function. Unlike men who can get away with one or two pairs for just about every occasion, women need different function for different scenarios. Ask yourself this: why am I buying a new pair of shoes? What will I use them for?

If it is mostly casual use, the door is wide open. Classic slip-on sneakers are an all-purpose choice that do not require a lot of detailed coordination. If you’re looking for something you can wear to work, think about the office dress code. You might find something like A Red Wing Heritage boot more appropriate.

Vans Classic Slip On

Your Personal Style

Function is just half the equation. Once you narrow down your selections by considering how you will use your new shoes, you can start thinking about your personal style. Let’s say you’ve settled on a pair of mid-top boots you can wear to work and out with friends.

Do you prefer a rounded toe or classic square toe? Are you more amenable to boots with laces, or do you want something you can just slip on and go? You need a pair of shoes that speak to who you are as well as what you do. Your shoes should convey your personal style like every other article of clothing you are going to wear with them.

The Rest of Your Wardrobe

The extensive nature of a woman’s wardrobe is one of the reasons she can never have too many pairs of shoes. As you are looking to buy a new pair, think about all the other things in your closet. Are you looking for shoes that go with a particular outfit? Or perhaps you want something that works well with most everything you own.

These days, athletic shoes are all the rage. They aren’t just for gym class and outings in the park. Some of the trendiest fashionistas have found a way to create fascinating combinations that were never before possible. For example, a pair of hi-top Converse sneakers no longer looks out of place with a knee-length dress. They look perfectly at home, complemented by a jean jacket and a nice hat.


One advantage of the sneaker set is color. Dress shoes tend to be fairly neutral and bland, but sneakers are an entirely different matter. There are bright oranges and pinks along with more sedate blacks, grays, and whites. And of course, patterned hi-top sneakers really make a statement.

Here at The Stockist we make it our mission to keep our selection of women’s shoes as versatile as possible. We want to offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a new pair, we invite you to browse our online inventory or stop in to our Salt Lake City boutique. You will be glad you did.

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