Face Mask Fashions: The Latest in Boutique Clothing

Here at The Stockist, we absolutely love boutique clothing. We love the fact that men’s and women’s clothing at boutiques like ours isn’t the same generic, off-the-rack stuff you buy at big-box department stores. Boutique clothing is really that which makes the fashion world what it is. A great case in point during these troubled times is the cloth face mask.

Yes, face mask fashion is now a thing. As soon as manufacturers figured out that masks would be recommended for more than just a few weeks, they set about coming up with entire lines for the general public. And of course, every home-based seamstress started making cloth masks as well. It is all good.

There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for state and local mask mandates. So we have decided to add face mask fashions to of our Salt Lake City boutique. As long as we are wearing masks, we might as well look beautiful doing it. Face masks do not have to be ugly or boring.

Masks with Beautiful Prints

The least exciting masks on the market are plain white or a pale blue or gray color. They do the job, but they are far from exciting. Why not replace that plain mask with a beautiful print? Our Garden Party face mask is the perfect mask to put a smile on everyone’s face. It is beautiful, playful, and upbeat.

Yellow Flower $12.00

If floral patterns are not your thing, maybe you like leaves. We carry a Leaf Lagoon mask that makes you look like you just stepped out of a lush, tropical rain forest. With plenty of splashes of green and teal in multiple shades, this particular mask screams vitality and lifeblood.

By no means are we minimizing the risks of coronavirus by promoting face masks with beautiful prints. Instead, face mask fashion is all about making the best of an uncomfortable situation. We all go out of our way to coordinate our outfits for work, play, and everything in between, why should we not apply the same good fashion sense to mask wearing?

Masks in Solid Colors

We also get the fact that not everyone is into floral or leaf prints. In fact, some are not into prints at all. That’s fine because we also have a collection of Baggu masks in solid colors. We sell them in sets of three for your convenience.

Maritime Mate $12.00

These particular masks are one-size-fits-all masks with adjustable straps and nose wires. They are double-layered masks with a filter pocket capable of accepting a carbon filter – which is not included. But we do sell the filters as well.

A Few Safety Tips

It would not be proper for us to publish a post like this without mentioning a few safety tips. First and foremost, we recommend reusable cloth face masks that can be washed regularly. And wash you should. The mask you use today should be thrown in the laundry with the rest of your clothing. Wear a clean mask tomorrow.

Also remember to avoid touching your face and frequently pulling down your mask while you are wearing it. When it comes time to take it off, remove it via the ear loops or straps. Do not touch the filter portion of the mask or else you risk passing any contaminants onto your hands.

It looks like face masks are going to be with us for a while. As long as we are going to wear them, we might as well wear fashionable masks when possible. We invite you to check out the face mask fashions that are now part of our boutique clothing inventory at The Stockist.

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