What to Look for in Your New Outerwear

It will not be long before the temperatures in Salt Lake City start falling. Even though we still have more than a month of summer remaining, fall will be here before you know it. And for many of our customers, that means some new outerwear to protect against those cool temperatures and inevitable precipitation.

The good news is that The Stockist has you covered. Our men’s and women’s clothing boutique offers a nice selection of outerwear for both sexes. Everything you find here meets our high standards of quality and workmanship. You can shop in confidence by visiting our boutique in person or ordering online.

Make Sure It’s Warm

Outerwear should meet at least a few basic requirements, beginning with warmth. Fall is the time when shorts and T-shirts get put away in favor of long pants and sleeved shirts. Outerwear provides that outermost layer of protection when you are outdoors. So, whatever you buy should keep you warm.

A nice fleece parka for the ladies is an all-purpose outerwear garment great for spending time in the park or strolling through the city center with friends. A denim work jacket might be the perfect partner piece for doing some of those outdoor chores around the house. For the men, we have everything from vests to fleeces and corduroy.

Gramicci Fleece Parka $64.80

All of our fall outerwear is designed to keep you warm on cool autumn days without being so warm as to make you sweaty and uncomfortable. And of course, every piece in our collection is heavy on the fashion.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

There is a common misconception in fashion that suggests you cannot look good and feel good at the same time. We do not agree. Good looks and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Our outerwear selections prove that. Each of our jackets, fleeces, and vests are the height of modern fashion. But they are also comfortable.

We encourage you to make your outerwear choices based on what you will find most comfortable. After all, you won’t wear a jacket you find uncomfortable. It will sit in your closet and collect dust. Then what good is it? No, make sure your new jacket or fleece is something you will find comfortable to wear.

Stick with Your Budget

Last but not least is the amount of money you spend. As you look for your new outerwear for fall, be your own best friend by sticking with your budget. There is no need to get in over your head financially by spending more money than you can afford to spend.

Bridge & Burn Engelmann Jacket $134.00

To that end, browsing through our inventory of outerwear will reveal that we have reduced prices on most items. We want you to be able to get the new outerwear you need to make it through the fall season. Our discounts are designed to do just that. Take a look at our outerwear for both men and women. We suspect you will find something that fits into your budget.

Are you working on a limited budget? Then choose outerwear you will be able to get several seasons out of. What you purchase for this fall can also be worn during late winter and early spring. Then put it in the closet and pull it back out next fall. There is no better way to honor your budget then planning to buy and wear a jacket for multiple seasons.

Summer is waning and autumn is on the doorstep. For some of us, the best season is right around the corner. Now is the time to prepare with a new selection of outerwear from The Stockist.

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