5 Characteristics of Lifestyle Clothing

Here at The Stockist, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a men’s and women’s clothing boutique. We are not just another clothing store in Salt Lake City. Rather, we sell lifestyle clothing. We sell a certain vibe that incorporates high quality designer clothing with the values that are near and dear to our customers. What we do is similar to how companies create lifestyle brands.

A lifestyle brand goes beyond mere marketing to appeal to what makes a person who he or she is. Such brands are appreciated not only because of their inherent quality, but also because of the values held by the companies that make them. The companies that make the clothing on our racks are very much lifestyle brands. They make it easy for us to incorporate the lifestyle concept into what we do.

If you are still confused, here are five characteristics of lifestyle clothing:

1. It Matches Your Lifestyle

This first characteristic may seem like a no-brainer. With deference to Captain Obvious, lifestyle clothing matches the lifestyle of the wearer. It doesn’t just cover the skin and keep the person warm. So ask yourself, “how would I describe my lifestyle?”

You might be the outdoorsy type who can’t get enough of Utah’s natural beauty. You are the ideal candidate for some of the latest jackets in our men’s and women’s inventory. Or maybe you are more of the indoor type. We have casual wear designed to ensure your comfort at home and at work.

2. It Tells Your Story

You have a specific idea of who you are as a person. Whether you know it or not, the clothing you wear speaks to who that person is. Lifestyle clothing should help tell your story. It should help you present the best possible version of you. When people see you walking down the street, your clothing tells them what to expect from you.

3. It Connects with Your Social Circles

Companies attempting to develop a lifestyle brand rely heavily on social media to do so. Why? Because like-minded people inhabit the same social circles. We can apply this same principle to lifestyle clothing. It is clothing that connects with those you socialize with. Their individual styles may not be the same as yours, but all of your styles mesh together in a social environment where similar values are shared.

4. It Inspires Confidence in You

It has been suggested time and again that clothing influences behavior. This is why business experts tell entrepreneurs to dress for success. It is why recruiting managers tell applicants to dress for the job they want. We can apply this to lifestyle clothing by way of self-confidence.

Lifestyle clothing inspires confidence in you. You feel good about the way you look, thereby encouraging you to feel good about who you are as a person. Those sorts of feelings build self-confidence. They help you realize your own potential and the possibilities that this potential implies.

5. It’s like a Second Skin

Lastly, lifestyle clothing should be so comfortable that it almost feels like a second skin. For some people, business suits and formal dresses create that sort of feeling. Other people are more at home in jeans and tank tops. Personal preference doesn’t matter here. What matters is comfort.

There is a difference between generic clothing and lifestyle clothing. If you prefer the latter, we invite you to visit our Salt Lake City boutique. We offer a variety of lifestyle clothing for men, women, and children. It’s clothing that is easily recognized by the five characteristics described in this post.

How to Wear That New Beanie like a Pro

You bought a beanie to go with your new coat. As far as you know, the two look great together. But wait. There is more to it than color and style coordination. How you wear your new beanie will ultimately determine whether or not it’s a good look for you.

The beanie is a seemingly simplistic piece of outerwear that doesn’t appear to offer many options for wearing. But that is where most people misunderstand this particular article of clothing. There is more than one way to rock a beanie. In fact, there are five ways:

1. All the Way Down

The first option is to pull the beanie all the way down on your head. Do not leave any excess material at the top. Now, this might be your only choice if your new beanie is a size or two too small. But if it’s large enough to leave some excess material, pull it down tight and then fold up the excess to create a cuff around your forehead.

This look is great for reducing your profile. It is a good option if you are wearing a short jacket that goes no further than the waist. It doesn’t work well with longer jackets because it makes your head look too small.


2. Straight Up

The complete opposite of wearing a beanie all the way down is wearing it a straight up. With this configuration, any excess material you have sticks straight up in the air. It creates a crown that adds a little more shape to your head. How much excess material you leave straight up is entirely up to you. Adjust the size of the crown by positioning the hat on your head and then balancing the crown against the cuff.

3. The Slouch

You might have some extra material up top, but you don’t want it sticking straight up in the air. After all, you’re not an elf. So what do you do? You pull the excess slightly backwards and let it hang off the back of your head. The slouch look is slightly laid-back without being too informal.

We like the slouch with a nice denim jacket from our boutique. Note that it doesn’t work well with tightly knit beanies that are exceptionally stiff. A softer wool beanie is ideal for the slouch.


4. The Super Slouch

To pull off the super slouch, you really need a large beanie. Buy one at least a size or two bigger than you need. Now, place it on your head so that it covers most of your forehead and your ears. All of the excess gets pulled down so that it hangs off the back of the head like a bag.

Think of the super slouch as a low hanging bun. That’s the look you’re trying to create. It is perfect for guys and gals with a lot of excess hair to account for. All of that hair sits nicely underneath the beanie, just above the neckline.

5. The Push Back

The point of the push back look is to cover the top of the head but leave the forehead uncovered. Instead of the bottom of the cuff sitting just above the eyebrows, it sits on top of the skull – right where it meets the top of the forehead. Your ears are only half covered as well.

And now you know how to wear that new beanie and jacket you bought from The Stockist. Be sure to match the look with the style of your jacket. Pull it off and you will be rocking your beanie like a pro.

Can We Interest You in Some Great TSPTR Peanuts Gear?

It is often said that everything old is new again. We don’t know if that holds true across the board, but we do know that it applies to fashion. That’s why we are proud to offer some great new products from TSPTR, a manufacturer we are especially thrilled to work with. TSPTR’s ideals are similar to our own, making them a perfect partner for our Salt Lake City boutique.

TSPTR is an acronym that stands for ‘truth, symmetry, pleasure, taste, and recognition’. It is also a mindset that focuses on function before form. We like that. We think men’s and women’s clothing, before anything else, should provide the kind of function people want. Everything from denim jeans to ladies’ dresses and outerwear needs to function properly or it will not get any use.

Peanuts Gear from TSPTR

If you browse our TSPTR inventory, you’ll notice quite a few items featuring reprinted artwork from the famous Peanuts comic strip. There are images of Charlie Brown, Linus, Woodstock, and Snoopy. For example, we sell a t-shirt depicting Linus carrying a sign promoting the stamping out of things that need to be stamped out.


The image is a reprint of a 1960s era poster. It is a classic image you might not be familiar with if you were born after the late 1970s, but it’s a message that is as relevant today as it was when the poster was first produced.

If you are not familiar with the Peanuts brand, it is a decades-old comic strip created by the late Charles Schultz. His main characters were a group of children, along with a beagle puppy and a yellow bird, who were ahead of their time in terms of intellectual ability and social awareness. The Peanuts comic strip is still in syndication today. It reminds us of what is really important in life.

Function, Form, and Artwork

Our current TSPTR inventory includes t-shirts, socks, baseball caps, and beanies. Not every product is branded with Peanuts artwork, but all the products are high-quality, and we know they will offer you years of reliable service.


When you choose TSPTR, you are choosing functional clothing that does just what you expect it to. A TSPTR beanie will keep your head warm on the coldest of winter days. One of their baseball caps will protect your head and face against the summer sun while still allowing your skull and scalp to breathe.

TSPTR long- and short-sleeve t-shirts will keep you covered and warm at the same time. They will absorb sweat and wick it away from your body.

In addition to the function, every TSPTR product is designed with form in mind. In other words, you get style in addition to utility. Your style is enhanced when you choose a Peanuts branded product with a timeless message everyone needs to hear.

For Yourself and Your Family

So, who are TSPTR products for? You and your family. For yourself, a good selection of TSPTR t-shirts and a hat might be just what you need to get through the next several months. Remember that we tend to dress in layers at this time of year. So why not beef up your t-shirt collection with two or three new tees from TSPTR. Grab a new hat before the temperatures really start to drop.

In terms of your family, TSPTR products make great gifts for holiday gift-giving. Your significant other will love a new t-shirt and a pair of branded Peanuts socks. They make a great gift for a holiday we all know Charlie Brown loves.

The Wonderful World of Wool Sweaters

This is the time of year when people start thinking about buying sweaters. A good wool sweater can keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Imagine curling up with your significant other next to a roaring fire with a hot drink in your hands. Your wool sweaters make sure you don’t feel the chill of the night air.

Human beings have relied on wool as a clothing material for centuries. And even though we have access to plenty of synthetic materials in the 21st century, wool remains an old standby we haven’t forgotten about. It is as important today as it ever was in the past.

Genuine wool is a natural material provided by the animal kingdom and it is a fiber that is spun to create threads and yarns. Those threads and yarns are then used to manufacture the woolen clothing we know and love. A wool yarn might be used to create beautiful sweaters while threads are woven into fabrics.


Sheep, Goats, and More

Most of us understand wool as coming from sheep. We have all seen the documentaries depicting entire flocks of sheep being sent to the shears. All of the harvested wool fibers become threads and yarns. But guess what? Not all wool comes from sheep.

Some wools are harvested from muskoxen, camelids, and even angora rabbits. Cashmere is a specific fiber harvested from cashmere goats. Likewise, mohair comes from angora goats. As you can see, wool is not as simple as it appears. There are plenty of animals whose coats can be made into fabrics for our clothing.

The Shearing Process

At this point it is important to note that shearing doesn’t harm the animals. Shearing a sheep or goat is no different from you or I getting a haircut. As long as it’s done properly, the animals aren’t bothered by it, and once shorn, an animal’s coat begins growing again.

As for the wool, it is typically divided into four categories immediately following shearing: fleece, bellies, brokens, and locks. Most of it is fleece – the material from which we make most of our wool clothing.

Shorn wool must first be cleaned through a process known as scouring. It not only prepares the wool for spinning, but also harvests some by-products with other uses. Lanolin is a good example of one such by-product. Scouring is sometimes accomplished with nothing more than warm water. Other times, detergents must be used.

Following the scouring process, wool fibers are further classified by diameter. The smaller the diameter, the finer the spun yarn or thread. Smaller diameters create a higher quality product.

Wool’s Many Uses

Wool is such a versatile fiber that we can use it to make all sorts of things. This post started by talking about wool sweaters. You can find a full variety of wool sweaters here at The Stockist, as well as clothing boutiques and department stores around the country. Everything from luxurious cashmere pullovers to wool cardigans are readily available. But that’s not all.

Wool is a great material for making gloves and hats. Wool jackets are also fairly common. In fact, a lot of clothing was made of wool prior to the introduction of synthetic fibers and fabrics.


Elsewhere, wool is sometimes used to make carpeting and area rugs. A good wool rug will last hundreds of years with minimal care. Wool is a favorite among upholsterers as well as makers of saddle cloths, horse rugs, and other similar items.

So there you have it, the wonderful world of wool sweaters goes way beyond those wonderful pullovers that keep us so warm in the winter.

The Beanie: Centuries-Old Fashion and Function

It is hard to go anywhere these days and not see people wearing beanies. As far as headgear and fashion go, we can barely separate the two. Beanies have become the all-purpose headgear for both men and women. Moreover, they go with just about everything. But where do they come from?

Today’s youth might consider beanies a relatively new piece of fashion. After all, most Americans only wore them in cold weather prior to 2000s, whereas today, we are just as likely to wear them in the middle of the summer. Well, it turns out that beanies are a centuries-old item of clothing. Back in the day, they weren’t a fashion statement. Beanies were all about keeping warm.


The Early Years: Monmouth Caps

The term ‘beanie’ is relatively new. Way back when the caps were first invented, in the 12th century, they were known as Monmouth caps. They were named after the town in which they were first produced. Welsh hatmakers made two types of Monmouth caps at the time. One was a seamed cap with a button on top. The other was a knitted cap very similar to modern beanies.

As Monmouth gradually became famous for the caps, makers began using more expensive materials to construct their products. They also started adding beautiful embroidery as well. By the 13th century, Monmouth caps were all the rage among the fashionable in Wales.

From Monmouth Cap to Woolen Beanie

The Monmouth cap continued to evolve over the next several hundred years. By the time the 18th century rolled around, Monmouth caps were all about fashion for females. Because they were still mainly functional for men, there was less emphasis on fashion for the products made for them. Also notable at this time was the transition to wool.

Where silk, velvet, and even taffeta were acceptable materials in the 12th and 13th centuries, makers had transitioned primarily to wool by the 18th century. Moreover, almost all beanies at that time were single-piece hats of knit construction.

Makers in Monmouth also began exporting their wool caps at that time. By the 19th century, they were all over the world. Other makers began getting in on the game too, but Monmouth retained its reputation as being home to the best and most fashionable beanies.

The Modern Beanie

That brings us to the modern beanie, a knit cap that is both fashionable and functional. In the early 1900s, the beanie began infiltrating colleges and universities thanks to students looking to establish their own fashion trends. Many of those same college students went on to keep wearing beanies as adults. So much so that the beanie became an item of workwear in the 1950s.

Manual laborers turned to wearing beanies to both protect their heads and keep their hair out of the way. And of course, they really took off in northern environments because they kept the heads of outdoor workers warm, even on the coldest days. From the 1950s through the late 1990s, beanies were more functional to most of the people who wore them.


Today, beanies are for everyone. Men, women, and children wear them year-round. You tend to see them more during the winter months, but beanies are not restricted to cold weather wearing.

If you are looking for a new beanie, we invite you to check out our store. You will find a great selection of knit caps from manufacturers you have come to know and trust. Now would be a good time for a new beanie, given that Salt Lake City winters can get pretty cold.

Women’s Shoes: Which Pair Do I Choose?

Women everywhere know the undeniable truth that you can never have too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are more than just foot coverings. They are more than just protection against cold and moisture. Shoes are as much about fashion as they are protection. They are as much about outfit coordination as they are support.

The biggest difficulty for many of our customers is not the volume of shoes in the closet, it is choosing which pair to wear for each occasion. We do our best to meet a variety of needs by maintaining a good selection of women’s shoes in a range of styles and colors.

So how do you choose your next pair of women’s shoes? By thinking things through. Consider the following:

How You Will Use Them?

All women’s shoes start with function. Unlike men who can get away with one or two pairs for just about every occasion, women need different function for different scenarios. Ask yourself this: why am I buying a new pair of shoes? What will I use them for?

If it is mostly casual use, the door is wide open. Classic slip-on sneakers are an all-purpose choice that do not require a lot of detailed coordination. If you’re looking for something you can wear to work, think about the office dress code. You might find something like A Red Wing Heritage boot more appropriate.

Vans Classic Slip On

Your Personal Style

Function is just half the equation. Once you narrow down your selections by considering how you will use your new shoes, you can start thinking about your personal style. Let’s say you’ve settled on a pair of mid-top boots you can wear to work and out with friends.

Do you prefer a rounded toe or classic square toe? Are you more amenable to boots with laces, or do you want something you can just slip on and go? You need a pair of shoes that speak to who you are as well as what you do. Your shoes should convey your personal style like every other article of clothing you are going to wear with them.

The Rest of Your Wardrobe

The extensive nature of a woman’s wardrobe is one of the reasons she can never have too many pairs of shoes. As you are looking to buy a new pair, think about all the other things in your closet. Are you looking for shoes that go with a particular outfit? Or perhaps you want something that works well with most everything you own.

These days, athletic shoes are all the rage. They aren’t just for gym class and outings in the park. Some of the trendiest fashionistas have found a way to create fascinating combinations that were never before possible. For example, a pair of hi-top Converse sneakers no longer looks out of place with a knee-length dress. They look perfectly at home, complemented by a jean jacket and a nice hat.


One advantage of the sneaker set is color. Dress shoes tend to be fairly neutral and bland, but sneakers are an entirely different matter. There are bright oranges and pinks along with more sedate blacks, grays, and whites. And of course, patterned hi-top sneakers really make a statement.

Here at The Stockist we make it our mission to keep our selection of women’s shoes as versatile as possible. We want to offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a new pair, we invite you to browse our online inventory or stop in to our Salt Lake City boutique. You will be glad you did.

5 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs Heading into Fall

School is back in session, football is on TV, and Halloween decorations are starting to pop up. We all know what that means: fall is here. And with the arrival of the autumn season comes the annual wardroom transfer. It is time to put away the shorts and T-shirts in favor of warmer clothing.

What does your wardrobe look like these days? In anticipation of what lies ahead, here are five pieces of clothing every man should have as we head into the fall season:

1. A Flannel Shirt

The flannel shirt is synonymous with autumn. Flannel is a soft, woven fabric that can be made of cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber. Its claim to fame is warmth. Thanks to its density, flannel prevents excessive airflow without being too stuffy. It holds in heat and wicks away moisture simultaneously.

Flannel shirts can be either plain or patterned. For a formal look, go for a solid color like dark moss or cigar brown. Patterned flannel shirts are more appropriate for casual occasions.

Men's Flannel Shirt

2. A Knit Thermal

Most thermal shirts in the U.S. are made with a cotton or poly-cotton blend and a waffle weave. Thermal shirts and long johns are designed to be worn as an extra layer for warmth. A knit thermal shirt is the perfect complement for a flannel when spending time outdoors. And as the weather gets colder, a thermal could be a man’s best friend around the house.

3. A Hoody

What we call a hoody used to be known as a hooded sweatshirt among our parents and grandparents. No matter what you call it though, a hoody is one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear on the market. It is the perfect companion for those days when you are out hiking in the woods or playing touch football with friends. It can also be used to keep you warm on your way to and from work, even if you’re wearing a shirt and tie underneath.

A good hoody should fit well and be durable. Do not settle for something cheap. Invest in a quality hoody and you will get years of reliable service from it.

Men's Fall Hoody

4. A Pair of Jeans

Jeans are to slacks what hoodies are to outerwear: all-purpose garments with a variety of appropriate uses. We recommend at least one pair of high quality jeans for the autumn and winter months. Jeans are warm, they wear well in cold weather, and they work with all sorts of autumn and winter footwear. They are the perfect pair of pants for working around the house or hanging out with friends.

Men's Fall Clothing Jeans

5. A Formal Jacket

Finally, we round out our selection of men’s clothing for fall with a formal jacket. By ‘formal’ we do not mean a suit coat you would wear with dress slacks and a tie. Rather, we mean a jacket you could wear to more formal occasions like house parties and holiday gatherings. Our Iron Heart light kersey and Alex Mill blazer are two good examples. You wouldn’t wear these jackets while working on the car, but they are more than appropriate for an evening on the town.

Formal Jacket Men Fall

Some of us are lamenting the end of summer. Others are rejoicing at the cooler temperatures and beautiful colors of fall. Regardless of where you stand, there is no denying that this time of year demands a wardrobe change. Come visit us at The Stockist where we offer a complete line of men’s clothing for all seasons. We have just what you need to get your fall wardrobe up to snuff.

How to Rock High Top Sneakers like a Pro

There is one thing we can say about our collection of shoes for men and women: The Stockist will never be accused of not being a fan of Converse high top sneakers. We love them. We are especially fond of Converse Chucks and their retro 70s styling. 

Converse high tops were all the rage in the 1970s and early 80s. Basketball players wouldn’t be caught in anything else, and your average consumer thought they were pretty cool too. We don’t know why they ever went out of style. Thankfully, some of us are keeping high tops alive.

If you are looking for suggestions for how you can rock a pair of high top sneakers like a pro, we are here to help. Check out our top tips for high top mastery:

Keep the Colors Neutral

High top sneakers are, by design, more subtle in their use of color. You are not going to find extremely bright colors from Converse or another brand. So don’t wash out the muted tones of your shoes by wearing extremely bright colors everywhere else. You don’t want your high tops to stand out, but you also don’t want them lost in a sea of color above the ankles.

Neutral Color High Top Sneakers

Show a Little Skin

A great way to make sure your high tops get the attention they deserve is to show a little skin above the ankles. Nothing drastic here, just a bit of the calf exposed. Some shorter slacks are good choice for women, as are knee-length dresses and longer skirts that fall mid-calf. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options here for the guys. Not to worry, though. You can cuff your jeans a little higher and let the sneakers speak for themselves.

Go for the Teen Look

If you are in your early 30s or older, you can rock high top sneakers like pro by going for the teen look. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans and, if you’re a guy, a tight T-shirt with a denim jacket. A little bit of 5 o’clock shadow reminds people that you really aren’t that young, you just feel that young.

Ladies, pairing high tops with a pair of cropped jeans and a flirtatious top is the way to go. Go light on the makeup and keep the hair simple and straightforward. High tops will perfectly accentuate the look without drawing too much attention.

High Top Sneakers for Teens

Go Full-On Athletic

Both men and women can rock high top sneakers by going full-on athletic. Wear your high tops with a good pair of sweatpants and either a sweatshirt, tank top, or tee. For the best effect, wear something light and neutral on the top with a dark, contrasting bottom. The idea is to direct the gaze gradually downward until your high tops get noticed.

5. The Perceived Big High Top No-No

Let’s close this post with something that used to be considered a big no-no for high top sneakers. Back in the day, wearing them with a full-length denim dress was considered a fashion faux pas. There were those that insisted it didn’t ‘work’. In fact, they said high top sneakers were inappropriate for any full-length skirt.

Well guess what, we say if you want to wear high tops with a full-length dress, go for it. Who’s to say what constitutes a fashion faux pas anyway? Make your own fashion; be that free spirit that doesn’t conform to conventions and norms.

Now you know how to rock high tops like a pro. If you’re looking for a new pair, stop by our Salt Lake City boutique and check out our full line of Converse Chucks.

It’s Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall

The days are starting to get shorter. Temperatures are not as high as they were back in the heat of summer. School has started and summer vacations have drawn to a close. It all points to one thing: the end of summer. That is not necessarily bad, especially if you are not a summer person. And if you’re into fashion, fall represents a whole new season with fantastic styles just waiting to be worn.

We say goodbye to summer every year. It is an annual seasonal ritual that captivates the fashion industry with new fall lines covering everything from casual clothing and formal wear to jewelry and accessories. This year’s fall fashions are a bit muted thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but there is still plenty new to look at.

Be True to Yourself

If we have learned anything from the pandemic it is the simple fact that certain things in life really matter while other things do not. We have all been forced to slow down and re-evaluate. We have spent more time at home, contemplating our place in the world and those relationships we hold most dear.

In whatever way you have fared over the last 5 to 6 months, we want to encourage you to be true to yourself. The clothing and accessories you choose to wear should reflect who you are as a person, not what you think others should think about you.

Paloma Wool Jumpsuit

If you are free and wild spirit, wear your Rylee and Cru dress or your Taylor Stitch short sleeve Hawthorne with pride. If you are more conservative, express yourself in a pair of Carhartt WIP slacks or a gorgeous Paloma Wool jumpsuit. You are what you wear.

Cooler Days and Crisper Nights

It will not be long before autumn makes itself known with cooler days and crisper nights. Shorts and tank tops will be stored away in favor of flannel shirts and long pants. Jeans will again return to the most prominent place in your wardrobe.

Here in Salt Lake City, the temperatures can get pretty cool during the autumn months. We encourage you to take a look through your closet to make sure you are prepared. A sweater or two is a good starting point. Maybe you are in the market for a new jacket as well.

Callahan Quinn Sweater

We carry all of your favorite brands including Alex Mill, Callahan, Bridge & Burn, Corridor, Katin, Knot Sisters, and many more. And of course, we have all the latest fashions for women, men, and the kiddos too.

More Time at Home

No one really knows if the coronavirus pandemic will continue to stretch well into fall. But if it does, that means more time at home this year as compared to previous years. We want you to be comfortable regardless. So take a look at our casual clothing selections as well. We have a good selection of tops and bottoms perfect for working and playing from home.

Most of all, we hope you will embrace the coming fall season with joy and enthusiasm. Fall is a reminder of everything beautiful in the world. Between bright fall colors and cooler temperatures, the season is a time for individual renewal ahead of the busy holiday season.

You are welcome to visit our Salt Lake City boutique to shop for the latest fall fashions and accessories. We would love to meet you and get to know you a little better. If you are unable to visit, our online store offers all of the same great styles you’ll find in our boutique. Feel free to browse and order at your convenience.

Face Mask Fashions: The Latest in Boutique Clothing

Here at The Stockist, we absolutely love boutique clothing. We love the fact that men’s and women’s clothing at boutiques like ours isn’t the same generic, off-the-rack stuff you buy at big-box department stores. Boutique clothing is really that which makes the fashion world what it is. A great case in point during these troubled times is the cloth face mask.

Yes, face mask fashion is now a thing. As soon as manufacturers figured out that masks would be recommended for more than just a few weeks, they set about coming up with entire lines for the general public. And of course, every home-based seamstress started making cloth masks as well. It is all good.

There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for state and local mask mandates. So we have decided to add face mask fashions to of our Salt Lake City boutique. As long as we are wearing masks, we might as well look beautiful doing it. Face masks do not have to be ugly or boring.

Masks with Beautiful Prints

The least exciting masks on the market are plain white or a pale blue or gray color. They do the job, but they are far from exciting. Why not replace that plain mask with a beautiful print? Our Garden Party face mask is the perfect mask to put a smile on everyone’s face. It is beautiful, playful, and upbeat.

Yellow Flower $12.00

If floral patterns are not your thing, maybe you like leaves. We carry a Leaf Lagoon mask that makes you look like you just stepped out of a lush, tropical rain forest. With plenty of splashes of green and teal in multiple shades, this particular mask screams vitality and lifeblood.

By no means are we minimizing the risks of coronavirus by promoting face masks with beautiful prints. Instead, face mask fashion is all about making the best of an uncomfortable situation. We all go out of our way to coordinate our outfits for work, play, and everything in between, why should we not apply the same good fashion sense to mask wearing?

Masks in Solid Colors

We also get the fact that not everyone is into floral or leaf prints. In fact, some are not into prints at all. That’s fine because we also have a collection of Baggu masks in solid colors. We sell them in sets of three for your convenience.

Maritime Mate $12.00

These particular masks are one-size-fits-all masks with adjustable straps and nose wires. They are double-layered masks with a filter pocket capable of accepting a carbon filter – which is not included. But we do sell the filters as well.

A Few Safety Tips

It would not be proper for us to publish a post like this without mentioning a few safety tips. First and foremost, we recommend reusable cloth face masks that can be washed regularly. And wash you should. The mask you use today should be thrown in the laundry with the rest of your clothing. Wear a clean mask tomorrow.

Also remember to avoid touching your face and frequently pulling down your mask while you are wearing it. When it comes time to take it off, remove it via the ear loops or straps. Do not touch the filter portion of the mask or else you risk passing any contaminants onto your hands.

It looks like face masks are going to be with us for a while. As long as we are going to wear them, we might as well wear fashionable masks when possible. We invite you to check out the face mask fashions that are now part of our boutique clothing inventory at The Stockist.